Weekly Report Nov 25

It’s back to normal this week with Pennant, Social, and Club events, so plenty to keep everyone busy leading up to the Christmas break.
Club Events
Men’s Singles Championship Semifinals held last Sunday, saw R Irvine through to the final over J Lefevre, and G Sanders defeating R Brown.
In the Ladies Singles Championship R Moore had a semifinal win over C Sanders, and will now meet L Smith in the final.
Victorian Open News
Great effort by Carolyn Reilly who reached semifinals of State Singles, and was also in the last 16 of the triples in a composite team. Anne Miles and Claire Sanders made the last 16 of the Ladies Pairs, and Anne also made the last 16 in the Mixed Pairs with Ian Brimblecombe from Wangaratta.
Results this week
Wednesday, November 21st … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs
Winners : W Jenkins, F Aston. +18. Runners Up : R Irvine, E James. +16
Jackpot not claimed.
Saturday, November 24th … Weekend Pennant
A1 … YMGCR 122 bt Kiewa 85
R Irvine 40/14, J Lefevre 24/24, G Sanders 29/25, L Spencer 29/22
A2 … Wodonga 97 bt YMGCR 87
R Hummel 26/16, N Loveridge 21/33, R Lidgerwood 7/36, V Brincat 33/12
A4 … YMGCR 63 lt Corowa RSL 105
B Evans 19/ 29, S Rempel 20/23, D McNeill 11/29, T Kilpatrick 13/24
B2 Corowa RSL 73 bt YMGCR 60
I Morffew 21/21, J McGough 19/26, B Butterworth 20/26
B5 … YMGCR 60 lt Swanpool 72
P Bellis 15/25, I Currie 25/ 16, N Millar 20/31
Upcoming Events
Tuesday, November 27th … Midweek Pennant
Wednesday, November 28th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs
Thursday, November 29th … Ladies Social
Saturday, December 1st … Weekend Pennant

Good bowling and stay healthy.

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