Weekly Report Dec 09

With Hump Week passed in the current Pennant season, the race to the finals is well and truly on. In Midweek Section our teams are in exceptional form, mostly with high positions in their ladders. Weekend Section also has teams who are currently in the running to reach the finals. There is still a long way to go, but February and March finals could be an exciting time for YMGCR. Let’s hope so!
Championship Day.
Big day on this Sunday, 16th December, when both Championship Finals will be contested. The Men’s final between Gary Sanders and Ray Irvine, and the Ladies between Laureen Smith and Robyn Moore are bound to be high standard matches, and worth while watching for everyone. Starting time is 10.00am.
Results this week
Tuesday, December 4th : Midweek Pennant
A1 … Wodonga 70 bt YMGCR 55
A Miles 25/23, C Sanders 18/23, L Smith 12/24
A2 … YMGCR 81 bt Club Mulwala 66
R Hummel 19/19, P Lidgerwood 30/24, K Kinnane 32/23
A3 … Wodonga 64 lt YMGCR 72
E James 23/29, S Rempel 28/13, D McNeill 21/22
B1 … YMGCR 87 bt Wareena Park 57
T Durkin 28/14, I Cumming 22/28, I Morffew 37/15
B2 … Corowa RSL 89 by YMGCR/Mulwala 49
G Fisher 11/27, Mulwala 23/32, J McGough 15/30
Wednesday, December 5th : Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs
Winners … B Jenkins, S Gann. +18
Runners Up … K Kinnane, L Evans. +14
Jackpot claimed … K Kinnane, L Evans $180
Saturday, December 8th : Weekend Pennant
A1 … Yarrawonga 0 heat rule enforcement YMGCR 0
A2 … YMGCR 78 lt Moira 93
R Hummel 12/31, W Lowrie 26/25, V Brincat 14/24, N Loveridge 26/13
A4 … Swanpool 103 bt YMGCR 78
B Evans 14/35, 15/26, D McNeill 21/21, T Kilpatrick 28/21
B2 … Bye
B5 … Corowa RSL 74 bt YMGCR 65
I Currie 13/29, N Millar 22/27, B Butterworth 30/18
Upcoming Events
Wednesday, December 12th : Monthly Triples
Thursday, December 13th : Ladies Social
Saturday, December 15th : Weekend Pennant
Sunday, December 16th : Championship Finals Day
Tuesday, December 18th : Midweek Pennant

Good bowling and stay healthy.

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