Weekly Report Dec 16

Club Events 

Championship Day : Sunday, December 16th.

Ray Irvine and Laureen Smith both continued their stellar seasons with determined wins in the Men’s and Ladies Singles Championships. A very appreciative spectator audience saw Ray claw his way to a win over defending champ Gary Sanders (26/19), and Laureen’s steady consistency wearing down Robyn Moore (25/17). Congratulations to both very worthy winners.

State Events 

Our girls, Anne Miles and Carolyn Reilly, have represented Ovens and Murray Region at the State Ladies Over 60’s Finals. The event was held at Frankston last week, and even with two days of heavy rain, they were able to come home with silver medals around their necks. A great achievement, especially under the conditions.

Anne also had a successful Test series in Tasmania, and has been selected again for Victoria in the upcoming Test against NSW. Continued success, Anne! We hope Victoria can do it again.

Pennant Break 

Pennant will now take a few weeks break over Christmas and New Year, but if you are after a roll or practice for Pennant, there will be rinks available.

Results this week 

Tuesday, December 11th : Midweek Pennant 

A1 … Myrtleford 48 lt YMGCR 90

L Smith 30/15, R Irvine 29/18, C Sanders 31/15

A2 … YMGCR 83 bt Wodonga 71

R Hummel 24/17, K Kinnane 30/27, B Evans 29/27

A3 … Wangaratta 49 lt YMGCR 86

R Liddell 29/12, S Rempel 28/18, D McNeill 29/19

B1 … YMGCR 65 lt Yarrawonga 81

T Durkin 25/24, I Cumming 17/30, I Morffew 23/27

B2 … YMGCR/ Mulwala 41 lt Rutherglen 97

G Fisher 11/36, T Matthews 17/29, Mulwala 13/32

Wednesday, December 12th : 2 Bowl Triples 

Winners … I Brimblecombe, G Oat, O Cardomonie (Wangaratta)

Runners Up … K Kinnane, B Jenkins, L Balfour (YMGCR)

1st Game … R Irvine (YMGCR).   2nd Game … R McKenzie (Yarrawonga)

3rd Game … M Scown (Rutherglen).   4th Game … G McDonald (Wangaratta)

Sponsor : Murray Valley Auto & Tyre

Saturday, December 15th : Weekend Pennant 

A1 … YMGCR 85 lt Benalla 92

G Sanders 27/26, J Lefevre 16/24, R Irvine 28/15, L Spencer 14/27

A2 … Myrtleford 98 bt YMGCR 89

R Hummel 15/33, W Lowrie 25/18, V Brincat 25/24, N Loveridge 24/23

A4 … YMGCR 107 bt Benalla 76

T Kilpatrick 22/23, S Rempel 26/11, B Evans 32/16, M Reilly 27/26

B2 … Benalla 76 bt YMGCR 51

B Butterworth 20/17, I Morffew 17/26, N Millar 14/33

B5 … Bye

Upcoming Events 

Wednesday, December 19th : Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs 

Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe New Year to all.

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