Weekly Report Feb 03


Finally, a week when Bowls can be played without the heat rule being enforced. With the Pennant season second round of matches nearing completion, the finals are looming.

Barefoot Bowls 

96 bowlers competed in Week 1 of the Barefoot Bowls Night Competition on Tuesday, January 29th.

Winning teams were … Kangas, Thales, Bee Bees, Hopefuls, Jimmys, Fallons, Yarra SES, Rotary, Garden Lovers, Purtles, Wunnini Wankers, and a draw between 2 Plus 2 and FWW. A good time was had by all, so come along any Tuesday evening and watch some entertaining and skilled bowling from these budding new bowlers.

Club Events 

Club Events are continuing to be played at convenient times for players involved. All are progressing well, so keep your eye on the notice board for finals dates.

Region/State Events

Unfortunately, none of our pairings made it through to next level in the State Mixed Pairs Championship, but Les Spencer and Peter Velardo are still in the running in the Men’s Pairs.

Results this week 

Tuesday, January 29th … Midweek Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 80 defeated Corowa RSL 52

A Miles 30/18, L Smith 27/22, R Irvine 23/12

A2 … St James 79 defeated YMGCR 59

K Kinnane 21/18, B Evans 24/26, R Hummel 14/35

A3 … YMGCR 84 defeated Corowa RSL 64

D McNeill 24/26, S Rempel 24/17, B Liddell 36/21

B1 … Wareena Park 82 defeated YMGCR 61

I Cumming 32/17, E James 22/26, I Morffew 7/39

B2 … YMGCR/Mulwala 51 lost to Corowa RSL 85

J McGough 25/20, Mulwala 12/26, G Fisher 14/39

Wednesday, January 30th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Winners : N Coleman, L Potter.   +18

Runners Up : R Irvine, E James.   +17

Jackpot not claimed.

Saturday, February 2nd … Weekend Pennant

A1 … Kiewa 88 defeated YMGCR 76

G Sanders 23/17, J Lefevre 19/19, R Irvine 17/31, L Spencer 17/20

A2 … YMGCR 91 lost to Wodonga 118

W Lowrie 25/24, A Goudge 19/37, R Lidgerwood 24/30, V Brincat 23/27

A4 … Corowa RSL 120 defeated YMGCR 77

B Evans 22/34, T Kilpatrick 21/28, S Rempel 14/34, D McNeill 20/24

B2 … YMGCR 83 defeated Corowa RSL 66

J McGough 28/23, B Butterworth 24/24, I Morffew 31/19

B5 … YMGCR 49 lost to Corowa RSL 89

B Liddell 13/38, N Millar 17/25, R Lloyd 19/26

Upcoming Events 

Wednesday, February 6th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Thursday, February 7th … Ladies Social

Saturday, February 9th … Weekend Pennant

Tuesday, February 12th … Midweek Pennant

… Barefoot Bowls

Good bowling and stay healthy.


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