Weekly Report Feb 17

Finals Fever has arrived at YMGCR. Fielding 5 teams in the finals series, and achieving an amazing 50%of teams competing at this end of the season, is no mean feat. It gives all us non finals playing bowlers the opportunity to get behind our teams, and cheer them on at their various venues. The teams would really appreciate your support. Venues will be found on the team selection boards, so get a car load together and come on down. Go Border!!!

Barefoot Bowls

Again a full field of 96 bowlers, who braved really chilly conditions for another great night of bowls.

Winners for Round 3 were : Purtles, Michael’s Mob, Mulwala Fire Brigade, Lions, Limestone Jacks, Fallons, Thales, Kanga’s, Virgins, Nutters, Bee Bees, and Fish Camp Ski.

Progressive ladders –

Section 1 … Purtles, Michael’s Mob, and MUL Fire Brigade are all in a winning position.

Section 2 … Fallons, Yarra SES, and Limestone Jacks lead the way.

Section 3 … Jimmy’s, Kanga’s, and Fish Camp Ski are in the lead.

Section 4 … Hopefuls, Bee Bees, and Nutters lead this section.

Many of these leaders play each other, which will make for some great matches.

For Sale

Uniform Chairperson Marcia has hats, socks, and hat bands for sale. Catch up with her at the club.


Special thanks to stalwart Ian (Wicky) Holmes for his sponsorship of the newest addition to our club.

Results this week 

Tuesday, 12th February … Midweek Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 88 defeated Wodonga 48

L Smith 29/18, A Miles 26/15, R Irvine 33/15

A2 … Club Mulwala 83 defeated YMGCR 65

K Kinnane 26/22, P Lidgerwood 18/24, R Hummel 21/37

A3 … YMGCR 90 defeated Wodonga 55

B Liddell 26/19, D McNeill 34/14, S Rempel 30/22

B1 … YMGCR 62 lost to Mulwala 69

I Cumming 26/25, I Morffew 19/24, T Durkin 17/20

B2 … YMGCR/Mulwala 104 defeated Myrtleford 52

G Fisher 42/13, Mulwala 36/21, J McGough 26/16

Wednesday, February 13th … Men’s 2 Bowl Triples

Winners … Yarrawonga (R Tait, J Mc Walter, R Jeffcot )

Runners Up … Wangaratta ( L Quarterman, W Hall, C Kerris )

1st Game … L Vinnecomb (Cobram).  2nd Game … C Bowden (Barooga )

3rd Game … B Liddell (YMGCR ).   4th Game … P Summerill (Corowa RSL )

Sponsors this month … Focus Gym and Bigger Furniture Floorworld

Saturday, February 16th … Weekend Pennant Finals

A1 … YMGCR 109 defeated Yarrawonga 76

R Irvine 33/18, L Spencer 29/21, G Sanders 21/17, J Lefevre 26/20

B2 … YMGCR 66 defeated Corowa RSL 58

I Morffew 22/15, J McGough 21/18, B Butterworth 23/25

Upcoming Events 

Tuesday, February 19th … Midweek Pennant Finals

…  Barefoot Bowls

Wednesday, February 20, 21, 22 …Bernie Bott Tournament

Saturday, February 23rd … Weekend Pennant Finals

Tuesday, February 26th … Midweek Pennant Finals


Good bowling and stay healthy.

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