Weekly Report June 09

Congratulations to Laureen Smith on being elected President of Ovens & Murray Bowls Region for season 2019-2020.

Also elected at the recent Annual General Meeting were Anne Miles and Claire Sanders as members of the Match/Championship/Selection Committee.

Loraine Stone was elected to the O&M Board following many years in other positions.  Well done to these four YMGCR members.

Results this week

Wednesday, 5th June – 28 players.

Winners were Ian Morffew and N. Johnson  +23.

Runners up were Robert Lidgerwood and Barb Tennyson  +2.

The jackpot was not claimed.


Sunday, 9th June – 19 players.

Winners were Mary Essex (S), Bill Houghton (2) and Linda Atkins (L) with 2 wins  +14.

Runners up were Ian Cumming (S), Albert Dodman (3), Graham Albert (2) and Frank Liberg (L) with a draw and a win  +2.

The jackpot was not claimed.


Sigh up for next Wednesday and/or Sunday.  Visitors welcome.




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