Weekly Report June 23

Results this week


Wednesday, 19th June – 32 players.  The game was 3 Bowl Pairs.

Winners were Ian Morffew and Pam Dodman with +17.

Runners up were Lynton Potter and Shirley Potter with +17.

The jackpot was claimed by Ian Morffew, Pam Dodman, Lynton Potter and Shirley Potter as +17 was the drawn number.


Sunday, 23rd June – 20 players.  The game was 2x4x2.

Winners were Tony Durkin and Betty Richmond with +2.

Runners up were Daryl Richmond and Greg Fisher with +4 on a count back from Jack Millar and Neville Coleman.

Jackpot was claimed by Ian Morffew and Bill Houghton.

The lucky number which started on Wednesday was drawn as well, with number 24 being lucky for Ian Morffew.

Jackpots and lucky number again next week.


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