Weekly Report July 21

Results this week


Wednesday, 17th July – 32 players participated in 3 bowl pairs.

The winners were Greg Green and Marie Whitehead with +16.

Runners up were Mick Reilly and Betty Richmond with +14.

Jackpot not claimed.  Lucky number was Marie Morffew with No. 24 for $30 & Ray Brown with No. 25 for $20.


Sunday, 21st July – 16 players enjoyed their game of 2x4x2.

Winners were Daryl Richmond and Ian Currie with +8.

Runners up were Ray Brown and Greg Fisher +9.

Jackpot of $32 not claimed.


The O&M first draft is on the web page for Season 2019-2020, and our Opening Day is 6 weeks away.

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