Weekly Report September 1

The new season of 2019-20 is almost upon us, and things are hotting up at YMGCR.  The Match Committees, led by the hard working Cathy Spinks, have been planning the year’s Club Events. The program has been set, and all is in place for the season ahead.

Thank You 

I would like to thank Club stalwart, Carolyn Boston, for filling in for me during the off season.  A job well done in keeping everyone up with news and events through the winter.  Thanks Carolyn.

Season Opening 

Our season Opening Day will be held next Sunday, September 8th, 10.30am for 11.00am start.  Club uniform to be worn, please.  Bowls will be followed by lunch, and the cost for the day is $10.00.  We are looking forward to a large crowd, so put your name on the entry sheet, and come along and support the Club.

September/October Program 

The full program for the next couple of months is available on the notice board with all events listed for your information.

Club Events 

The first Club event for both Men and Ladies is the 100 Up competition.  These begin mid September, so please make sure your names are entered before the closing dates.

Names on Pennant Shirts

The Uniform Committee has decided to leave it to individual bowlers to arrange to have names printed on shirts.  Please make sure that the embroidery is done with navy blue thread, and that the letters are in upper case.  This is to be added above the pocket on men’s shirts, and just above the “Y” on ladies shirts.

Results this week 

Wednesday, August 28th … Open3 Bowl Pairs

A bumper field of 48 bowlers played in the late winter sunshine.  It is great to have large numbers participating every Wednesday.

Winners : B Evans, M Mc Grillen.    Runners Up : N Loveridge, P Wallis

Jackpot : D Mc Neill, G Borwick

Upcoming Events 

Wednesday, September 4th … Open 3 Bowl Pairs

Sunday, September 8th … Season 2019-20 Opening Day


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