Weekly Report September 08

Season Opening

If medals were being given out for bravery at YMGCR, there were 64 bowlers who deserved one last Sunday. Braving the bitterly cold and windy conditions everyone turned up to play, and the good day was certainly not marred by the weather. The new uniforms looked so professional and smart, and all participants enjoyed the great social atmosphere that prevailed. Bowlers, visitors, and guests also enjoyed the magnificent meal provided by the Club. Raffle winners were Marie Morffew, Carolyn Reilly, Les Balfour, Bob Evans, Don Tipping, and John Mc Gough. Match Committee’s Danny Mc Neill chaired the day, Vice President Marcia Mc Grillen welcomed everyone to the event, and  YMGCR Board was represented by Don Presley.

September/October Program

The full program for the next couple of months is available on the notice board with all the events listed for your information.

Pennant Practice Matches


Tuesday, September 24th … YMGCR V Cobram Uniform, please.

Tuesday, October 1st … Mufti

Tuesday, October 8th … Mufti


Saturday, September 14th

Saturday, September 21st … V Wangaratta. Bus leaves Club at 11.00am

Saturday, October 5th … Meeting after Bowls. All Pennant players invited to attend.

Please complete attendance sheets on Notice Board for all these practice matches.

Names on Pennant Shirts

The Uniform Committee has decided to leave it to individual bowlers to arrange to have names printed on shirts. Please make sure that the embroidering is done with navy blue thread, and that the letters are in upper case. This is to be added above the pocket on men’s shirts, and just above the “Y” on ladies shirts.

Results this week

Wednesday, August 28th … Open 3 Bowl Pairs

Winners : D Tamburrini, S Wright  +18         Runners Up : R Lidgerwood, Rhonda Irvine  +17

Jackpot : Not claimed

Sunday, September 8th … YMGCR 2019-20 Season Opening

Winners: Ray Irvine, M Essex, N Coleman, B Houghton   (+ 16)

Runners Up: S Rempel, N Windebank, S Evans, P Tudor   (+ 15)

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, September 11th … Open 3 Bowl Pairs

Thursday, September 12th … Ladies 100 Up Round 1

Saturday, September 14th … Weekend Practice Match

Sunday, September 15th … Men’s 100 Up Round 1

Wednesday, September 18th …Men’s Triples

Good Bowling, Stay Healthy, and GO YMGCR.

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