Weekly Report October 06

Last week, YMGCR Pennant players were privileged to participate in a Rules and Etiquette session under the leadership of State player, Anne Miles, and O & M President and International Level Umpire, Laureen Smith. Participants analysed the word PENNANT for positive and negative game behaviours, and, using the analogy of a house structure, discussed the roles of each team position, emphasizing the importance of each position of a team.

Thanks Anne and Laureen. You are both great role models in the game of Bowls.

Let’s all aspire to follow their examples.

Club Events

Ladies 100 Up … The Final was held last Thursday. Anne Miles is the Ladies 100 Up Champion for 2019-20, with Runner Up being Robyn Moore.

Ladies 21 Up Semi Final game …  Laureen Smith was the winner over Claire Sanders.

Men’s 100 Up … Semi Final game … Don Ellis was the winner over Greg Green.

Region/State Events

A huge, huge congratulations to new bowler Kim Johnston, who, last weekend, became the Ovens and Murray Ladies Novice Champion for 2019-20. Kim will now progress to State level for further matches. Well done, Kimmy!

Results this week

Wednesday, October 2nd … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Winners : I Morffew, N Millar       +12

Runners Up : D Richmond, K Bleckwell      +11

Jackpot : Not claimed

Thursday, October 3rd … Ladies Social

Winners : E James, J Green, B Richmond, B Tennyson

Runners Up : M McGrillen, B Verbunt, J Wenzel, M Morffew

Jackpot : E James, J Green, B Richmond, B Tennyson

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 9th  … Men’s 2 Bowl Triples

Thursday, October 10th… Ladies Social /Semi Final Ladies 21 Up … a.m

Final Ladies 21 Up … p.m

Saturday, October 12th … Weekend Pennant Round 1

Tuesday, October 15th … Midweek Pennant Round 1

Wednesday, October 16th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs


Good Bowling and stay healthy.

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