Weekly Report October 13

A mixed bag of results for our first Round of Weekend Pennant.  Although the full points didn’t, come our way, teams showed a deal of promise for the future rounds, and were able to identify areas of concern.

Club Events

Ladies 21 Up … The Final was held last Thursday.  Laureen Smith defeated Anne Miles in the Ladies 21 Up.

Men’s 100 Up … Final match … Andy Lefevre is 2019-2020 100 Up Champion after defeating Don Ellis.  Congratulations Andy.

Region Reps

Last weekend seven YMGCR bowlers played at Holbrook in the Ovens & Murray side against Albury and District.  The women won 198/100, and the men by just 1 shot.  Our reps were Ray Irvine, Gary Sanders, Anne Miles, Claire Sanders, Caroline Reilly, Sue Middleton and Laureen Smith.  The rink including Anne Miles and Claire Sanders was named as best rink for Women.

Results this week

Wednesday, October 9… Men’s 2 Bowl Triples.

Winners : R Irvine, G Green, I Morffew (YMGCR)

Runners Up : I Brimblecomb and Team (Wangaratta)

Game 1 Winners … R Hermesoo (Yarrawonga)

Game 2 Winners … R Lidgerwood (YMGCR)

Game 3 Winners … R Tait (Yarrawonga)

Game 4 Winners … N Loveridge (YMGCR)

Sponsors …Purtles Electrical

Thursday, October 10th … Ladies Social

Winners : C Boston, M Whitehead

Runners Up : M Essex, B Verbunt, S Evans

Jackpot : Not claimed

Saturday, October 12th … Weekend Pennant

A1 … Wodonga 109 defeated YMGCR 89

A2 … YMGCR 97 lost to Mansfield 101

A4 … Club Mulwala 98 defeated YMGCR 81

B2 … Yarrawonga 71 lost to YMGCR 83

B3 … Bye

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 16th   … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Thursday, October 17th … Ladies Singles Round 1

Saturday, October 19th … Weekend Pennant Round 2

Tuesday, October 22nd … Midweek Pennant Round 2.


Good Bowling and stay healthy.

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