Weekly Report November 17

With the 2019 Victorian Open being held in and around Shepparton this week, many of our players are involved in a variety of events with bowlers not just from Victoria and other Australian states, but also from overseas bowling countries. We wish our representatives good bowling, and remind everyone that their events can be followed daily through Bowls Victoria websites.

Both Midweek and Weekend Pennant have a break for the Open.

Club Events

Men’s Singles Championship … The next round of this event sees Les Spencer play Garry Sanders, Steve Gann play Greg Green, Norm Windebank play Jimmy Le Fevre, and Ray Irvine play Garry Presnell.

The Ladies Singles Championship has reached the final between Anne Miles and Robyn Moore at a date to be set.

Christmas Party

Date … Tuesday, December 10th.

Cost … $30.00 per head

Entertainer … Normie Price

Table sheets are on the Notice Board for those attending. Everyone welcome.

Results this week

Tuesday, November 12th … Midweek Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 83 defeated Yarrawonga 68

A Miles 39/13, G Green 19/24, L Smith 25/31

A2 … Corowa RSL 89 defeated YMGCR 64

A Goudge 26/19, B Smith 13/49, R Irvine 26/19

A3 … YMGCR 80 defeated Yarrawonga 58

B Liddell 25/19, S Rempel 22/25, M Reilly 33/14

B1 … Corowa RSL 54 lost to YMGCR 61

R Balfour 19/17, I Cumming 24/19, G Fisher 18/18

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, November 20th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Thursday, November 21st … Ladies Social

Saturday, November 23rd … Weekend Pennant


Good bowling and stay healthy.

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