Weekly Report December 01

Club Events

Men’s Singles Championship … The final match of Quarter Final Stage was a win to Ray Irvine over Gary Presnell.

Tournament Winners

Congratulations to Claire Sanders, Judy Wenzel, Judy Leeson, and Robyn Moore who last Thursday were the winners of the prestigious Aylean Baker Ladies Fours at Rutherglen. They had to work hard to achieve this result, and win through a 6 team playoff of three game winners.

Pennant Selection

A request from both Midweek and Weekend Selection Committees … In the past few weeks many changes have needed to be made in the selection of our Pennant teams due to unavailability of players for a variety of reasons. Players, please remember that these changes are unavoidable, and necessary to help our Club achieve positive results on the greens.

Results this week

Tuesday, November 26thMidweek Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 54 lost to Benalla 69

C Sanders 18/17, G Green 11/34, L Smith 25/18

A2 … YMGCR 62 defeated Mansfield 32

A Goudge 19/10, S Rempel 22/5, B Evans 21/17

A3 … YMGCR 54 lost to Benalla 63

R Liddell 22/14, J Goudge 23/18, M Reilly 9/31

B1 … YMGCR 39 lost to Myrtleford 55

I Cumming 18/21, R Balfour 14/16, G Fisher 7/18

Wednesday, November 27th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Winners : A Goudge, T Matthews   +25

Runners Up : S Gann, G Raymond   +18

Jackpot : Not claimed

Saturday, November 30thWeekend Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 134 defeated Yarrawonga 71

R Irvine 25/24, G Sanders 36/19, J Le Fevre 39/12, A Miles 34/16

A2 … Moira 118 defeated YMGCR 82

R Lidgerwood 24/19, B Liddell 17/28, A Goudge 24/32, B Evans 17/39

A4 … YMGCR 93 defeated Milawa 90

K Barnes 21/22, K Eade 15/27, A Dodman 26/23, S Rempel 31/18.

B2 … YMGCR 77 defeated Corowa RSL 66

J Mc Gough 22/31, M Whitehead 19/19, I Morffew 36/16

B3 … Beechworth 76 lost to YMGCR 81

R Balfour 30/28, N Coleman 28/24, N Millar 23/24

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 4th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Thursday, December 5th … Ladies Social

Saturday, December 7th … Weekend Pennant

Tuesday, December 10th … Midweek Pennant


Good bowling and stay healthy.

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