Weekly Report January 26

Following the Christmas break and the tumultuous bush fire emergencies, the Bowls season has now returned to normal activities. There have been numerous Club events, tournaments, and Pennant to keep everyone on the go, and back on the greens. Social bowls and Regional events have also been held.

Club / State Events

Men’s 21 Up … The finalists of the Men’s 21 Up  are  Garry Sanders and Don Ellis. We wish them both “good bowling,”

Ladies Pairs … Semi –final matches to be played are Caroline Reilly and Kim Johnston V M Morffew and Betty Richmond, and Laureen Smith and Rhonda Irvine V Anne Miles and Claire Sanders.

Ovens and Murray Men’s and Ladies Over 60’s Pairs

This event will be finalised on Thursday, 30th January at YMGCR. Our representatives who won their way through Sectional Knockout level are Anne Miles and partner Caroline Reilly, and Sue Middleton and partner Kerri Leask (Benalla). These girls will play each other Thursday morning, with the winner facing Mary Tregardh and Cheryl Lewis in the afternoon. It will be great bowling for everyone to come along and watch.

Barefoot Bowls

The Barefoot Bowls Annual Charity Challenge is now under way every Tuesday evening at 7.00pm. There has been a tremendous response from the local community, and at this stage 28 teams are entered. Each team has nominated a local charity to represent. Visitors are welcome to share with the players in their fun and fellowship.

Results this week

Tuesday, January 21st … Midweek Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 65 lost to Wodonga 66

A Miles 25/17, G Presnell 19/21, L Smith 21/28

A2 … Wodonga 87 defeated YMGCR 57

B Evans 20/27, J Mc Gough 16/32, A Goudge 21/28

A3 … YMGCR 75 defeated Wodonga 72

S Rempel 20/26, J Goudge 35/22, M Reilly 20/24

B1 … Wodonga 90 defeated YMGCR 54

I Cumming 19/23, G Fisher 21/26, R Balfour 14/41

Wednesday, January 22nd … Men’s Social

Winners … L Potter, B Martin, T Milne   +21

Runners Up … S Gann, T Matthews, N Coleman   +7

Jackpot … Not claimed.

Saturday, January 25th … Weekend Pennant

A1 … YMGCR 81 lost to Wangaratta 93

A Miles 22/19, R Irvine 19/23, G Sanders 21/24, J Le Fevre 19/27

A2 … Chiltern 86 lost to YMGCR 90

R Lidgerwood 20/23, K Kinnane 22/26, A Goudge 18/19, V Brincat 30/18

A4 … Swanpool 104 defeated YMGCR 66

K Barnes 15/29, B Evans 13/25, A Dodman 16/29, S Rempel 22/21

B2 …St James 52 lost to YMGCR 98

J Mc Gough 26/20, I Morffew 32/20, M Whitehead 40/12

B3 … YMGCR 60 lost to Corowa Civic 80

N Millar 21/24, N Coleman 20/30, J Goudge19/26

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 29th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs

Thursday, January 30th … O & M Events

Saturday, February 1st … Weekend Pennant

Tuesday, February 4th … Midweek Pennant

Barefoot Bowls at 7.00pm

Wednesday, February 5th … Men’s 3 Bowl Pairs


Good bowling and stay healthy.

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