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YMGCR Bowls Club

YMGCR Bowls Club greens will reopen for roll ups from Saturday the 9th of May 2020, with the following rules and conditions:

  • The bowls greens are only available to YMGCR Bowls Club Members in 1 hourly slots on a first in best dressed basis. Bookings can be greater than one hour.
  • No more than two bowlers are allowed per rink and members must observe I.5 metre physical distancing rules. Bowlers must only use their own equipment eg bowls, measures and cloths and not share these items with other members.
  • Rinks will be double spaced to comply with government distancing rules.
  • A rink booking register is to be filled in so we can monitor the availability of the green and rinks are only available for use between 10am and 5pm. The booking register will be at the Bowls Office noticeboard above the bowls polishing machine.
  • It is preferable bookings are made well prior to the actual play.
  • One person per rink is to be responsible for collection, use of & storage of the mat and jack. The mat and jack must be disinfected before and after a roll up using the sanitiser located at the mat locker.
  • The locker room and toilets are accessible with the use of Club membership cards.
  • Bowlers are asked to sanitise and to leave the Club immediately after completing their roll up. Please ensure sufficient time is allowed for the next booking to start on time. Please avoid crossover chats.
  • If members are identified as not adhering to these rules their playing rights will be suspended, and the greens may also be closed until further notice.
  • If a Bowls member feels unwell, please stay at home.


If you have any questions, please direct them to Kerry or Peter

Bowls Executive Committee     8th May 2020

Kerry Kinnane, Marcia McGrillen, Peter Lidgerwood & Shirley Hummel

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