Weekly Report July 04


Annual Meeting

With the AGM happening last week, the following members will hold the following positions:-  President / John McGough; one of our newer bowlers has put his hand up as Vice President / Greg Fisher;  Andy Lefevre will take up the important job as Secretary and Ross Lloyd will now take over the Treasurer’s position (well done Ross).  Greens Director will stay with Ray Irvine;  General Committee will see another newish bowler to our club in Garry Presnell;  CCO / Assistant Secretary is Ray Brown and Danny McNeill will once again take up his position as Men’s Match Committee Chairman.   Sadly we are still a Ladies Match Committee person short; so if anybody wants to step up and fill this important position and help run our club please don’t hesitate.  (Danny and his committee will give you all the support you need).  It’s fantastic to see that we have a new Social Director in Kim Johnston; lets get behind Kim and enjoy her new ideas.

Social Bowls

Don’t forget to get your names down early for the Wednesday Social Bowls because only the first 40 will get a game and at the AGM it was asked if Friday bowls could come back.  Danny is glad to put up a sheet for names to go on; so if you would like a game please support the day.  Sunday bowls will also be starting up very soon and  I will let you know the details next week.  If you have any interesting thing you would like to put in the paper please let Ray know.

Bowls results for Wednesday 1st July saw a big win for Greg Green and Barb Tennyson (Barb must be bowling well as she has won back to back) with +30; runners up were Robert Lidgerwood  (looks like he can finally handle his pink bowls) and George Andreasen with +6 .  Jackpot was won by Garry Hart and V. Withers.

Finally please obey all the procedures in place for the Covid crisis and if you see someone doing the wrong thing please have a quiet word; we don’t want to stuff this up.


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