Weekly Report September 27


Wednesday bowls was a bit cold and windy, but it didn’t stop 54 enthusiastic bowlers take to the green.  It was fantastic to see all the chit chat with friends catching up with each other.  After a little bit of rain and a few bowlers wondering in late due to the time it’s taking to get across the bridge (please keep this in mind in the future and leave a bit more time to get there), we finally played two games of two bowl triples.  The winning team on the day was John McGough, Ian Cumming and the old champ Dougie “Boy” McTier with a score of +13.  Runners up were the all girls side of Cat, Lil Borwick and Lyn Baxter also on +13 but losing on a count back.  With so many bowlers third prize was given to Ray Irvine, Judy Wenzel and Peter Tudor with +7.

In the first game and a win for the taking, Garry Presnell held a 3 shot lead going into the last end. With his last bowl and 3 shots down on the head and everybody watching he strode onto the mat with a look of confidence and determination (after all he only had to draw within a meter and for a man with his ability it should have been no problem).  What happen next was the unflappable Mr Presnell bowled a pineapple.   As he walked down to the head you could hear choking noises coming from the gallery.  Just goes to show that even the best can stuff it up.

The jackpot was won by Michael Szabo, Bob Liddell and Billy Butterworth (good to see both Szabs and Billy coming back), and the luck numbers were won by Ian Cumming and Greg Green.

Saturday practice had 48 players attending, with the weekend selectors putting together the teams so they could assess different players in different positions.  It turned out to be very productive for them.  So please put your name down for Tuesday’s practice as the midweek selectors will be doing the same format.

Sunday practice had 20 bowlers.  We had A1 bowlers down to novice players doing drills and getting coaching from Anne Miles and her team of coaches. Everybody is welcome, so please if you have anything you are concerned about your game come along and we will sort it out.

More news on Opening Day Sunday 18th October.   We will start bowling at 11.00 am and finish up at 1.30 pm.  We will then have a happy hour and a sausage BBQ, so get your name down on the list.

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