Weekly Report October 11


Tuesday practice had 50 bowlers.  With the greens running at 14 seconds, the conditions were perfect.  The selectors have organized a practice match against Shepparton Park at Shepparton on the 27th October (check for the list and if you can also take your car).

Wednesday social bowls saw 36 stupid players take to the greens with the skies threatening and the greens a little bit slow but still running beautifully.  We saw a rare 8 shot end.  Experienced duo of Bill Butterworth and the smiling assassin Cecilia Milne got their 8 from Garry Hart and Terry Baxter. They then went on to claim the runners up prize with +15.  We had four two game winners but with a good score of +13 were Greg Green and Barb Tennyson.  Jackpot and lucky numbers did not go off.

Saturday we had 56 bowlers.  The conditions were once again very tough with a strong and gusty cross wind.  Don’t forget that these games are only PRACTICE and the selectors will be trying players in different positions and different combinations, so if you have any problems you would like to discuss with them make an appointment and they will gladly have an informal chat.

At Sunday practice it was great to see the enthusiasm that our new bowlers are showing and their improvement is mind blowing (we will get a lot of very good bowlers from these ranks).  Poor Anne will have to reset her alarm clock an hour earlier so she can set up her drills before her players arrive.  They are very very keen.

On Thursday 22nd October we have organized a special night.  Starting at 5.30 pm we are lucky enough to get Ray Emerson as a guest speaker.  Ray has been a coach for over 30 years, coming from the powerful Melbourne club Essendon.  He retired to Barooga where he took up a coaching position.  He will give an hour talk.  The night will be called “MOTO” night.  If you are interested, please put your name down on the list.  This will help us to work out a venue.


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