President’s Post


Wow what a great way to start the season. Fun, music, singing, prizes and bowls. Kim did a wonderful job and the club also came to the party with well presented food and an extra time on our happy hour. We look forward to the next event that Kim will be running.

Notes from the committee meeting held on the 19th of October:

  • Feedback from opening day was very positive.
  • We can now use buses in NSW.
  • At this stage only two in a car in Victoria.
  • Ray Emerson to speak on Thursday 22nd straight after training.
  • It was passed by the committee that two bowl triples will be played on a Wednesday and will be a men’s only event.
  • Please remember all the ongoing Covid practices we must continue.
  • Masks at this stage do not need to be worn while you are playing bowls in Victoria. You will need to wear your mask before and after the game.

Keep on enjoying your bowls. We have had a great start to the season keep the momentum going. Enjoy.

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