Weekly Report November 08


Wednesday 2x4x2 had 48 players with 6 two game winners.  Ray “Sugar” Irvine must have thought all his Christmases had come at once when he partnered up with Ian Woods.  They won with +12.  Runners up were Doddy Dodman and Dougie “Boy” McTier with +15.  There was no jackpot winner and the lucky numbers were won by Ian Doust and Marie Morffew.

First day of weekend pennant saw our club have a great day with 3 teams winning and the 4th going down by 2 shots.  The A1’s travelled to Wangaratta who were runners up last season.  After leading most of the day they ran out winners 14/80 to 4/77 with Anne Miles rink dominating all day.  Peter Velardo, Susie Middleton and Garry Sanders giving her great support winning 27 to14.  New skip Michael Szabo stepped up winning 21 to 19.  After being 10 shots down after 3 ends they clawed their way back for a gusty win.  Ray Irvine lost 15/23 and Jim LeFevre lost 17/21.

A2 also went to Wangaratta to play Mansfield and came up 2 shots short and lost 4/77 to 14/79.   Best winning rink of 26/20 was new A2 Skip Siggi Rempel and our green keeper making his long awaited bowling come back “Wazza” Henderson.  They were well supported by their front end in Caroline Reilly and also making his A2 debut Norm “Collingwood” Windebank. (The new comers did us proud and showed that they have what it takes).  Kerry Kinanne fresh back from his holiday slipped into the skippers role and after a tough battle all day, won 19/17.  He got good support from Allan Goudge, Danny McNeill and Rhonda Irvine.  After a slow start Robbie Lidgerwood’s rink flew home going down 17/20 and our other new skip Ian Price had a great tussle with the opposition losing 15/22.

A4 travelled to Tungamah who had just been promoted from the “B” section.  Our troops won 16/87 to 2/61.  Ian Morffew’s rink of Pam Dodman, Bob Brokenshire and Marie Morffew taking on their top skip and winning 22/10.  They were well supported by the ever reliable Bob Liddell winning 25/11 and up and coming skip Marie Whitehead winning 25/10.  Mick Reilly had a brave battle going down 15/22.  Well done!!!!!

B2 were our only home team who lined up against Chiltern and won 12/69 to 2/46.  Stand out performance was the rink of Vic “Cat” Brincat, Neil “GRUMPY” Loveridge (yes it’s not a miss print), Gavin Borwick and Lois Ellis winning 29/13.  John McGough’s team also had a great win 21/8, and Noel Millar’s team who blooded 2 new bowlers from our Anne Miles “Sunday Bowls Academy” in Terry Baxter and George Andreasen lost 19/25. (Hope the new boys enjoyed their day).

Just a bit of housekeeping; Bob Evans is in the Wang hospital and is on the road to recovery and starting to regain his full health and Peter Tudor’s wife Pat is also at Wang and is also on the mend. We still have not seen our other sicky in Tony Durkin.  Give them a call and have a friendly chat.  I’m sure they would like to catch up with all the gossip.

Hot off the press.  We can tell you that our men’s and ladies 4’s both won the O & M State 4’s.  Our boys of Jim LeFevre, Andy LeFevre, Garry Sanders and ring in Wodonga’s Peter McClardy won 19/17. After they jumped out to a 13/0 lead after about 8 ends and all the boys doing there bit and young Jimmy playing magnificent weighted bowls all look rosy.  Then the Wangaratta team started to peg them back.  The boys dropped a couple of 4’s but always looked in control and ran out deserved winners and I’m sure they will represent the O & M region proudly.  Our girl’s team of Anne Miles, Claire Sanders, Laureen Smith and another Wodonga ring in in “World Champion” and their good mate Kylie Whitehead won after a slow start.  Playing against a top Wangaratta team all looked grim.  Down 3 to 11 and running out of ends, the dream team then slipped into gear and with a couple of 3’s by playing long ends, got back into the game.  With 2 ends to play and leading by 1 and holding a couple of shots, the opposition skip played a good drive to kill the end and on the next end they picked up 2 shots to go into the last end 1 shot up.  With the girls needing to win the final game to become champions (Caroline Reilly’s composite team was hoping for a draw so they would become champs), our girls pulled out all stops and picked up a 3.

By the time I got home my tea was burnt and I was in the dog house……. But it was a great way for our club to finish off the weekend.


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