Weekly Report November 15


Tuesday Pennant had A1’s playing at home against a much improved Wang side winning 12/58 to 2/56.  Greg Green rink started well but Wang pegged them back only to see the home team power home winning 7 of the last 8 ends to win 22/13.  Miles rink won 23/19. Nothing was going right for them, but after changing to go very short ends, (great jack rolling by Siggi Rempel) the momentum swung their way.  On the 20th end Wang was holding 3 shots and with the game in the balance, Anne played the shot of the day when she played an up shot that found the tiniest gap to take the jack into the ditch for 4 shots.  On the last end to show it was no fluke she trailed the jack into the ditch for 2.  Claire Sanders rink started REAL slow but clawed their way back going down 13/24.

A2’s had a good win against Yackandandah winning 12/70 to 2/47 with Allan Goudge rink having a great day winning 31/8 and well backed up by Ian Price rink 19/16 and Garry Hart having come back from a bad start to go down 20/23.

A3’s travelled to Kiewa, always a hard task going down 2/43 to 12/73.  Greg Fisher’s rink had a good win 17/13, but Doddy lost 15/21 and Marie Whitehead losing 11/39.

B1’s travelled to another tough opposition in Moyhu where they lost 14/59 to 0/36 and playing on their carpet which a lot of our new bowlers wouldn’t have encountered before, did a mighty effort. Judy Wenzel lost 11/16, Bob Liddell lost 13/20 and Carolyn Boston losing 12/23.

Wednesday 2 bowl triples had 14 teams and the winners were a Yarra team led by Ian Woods. Runners up were a Rutherglen rink led by Chris Langdon.  Sponsors for the day were Purtle Electrical Contractors.

Weekend pennant began on Friday night under our brand new lights, playing the local derby against Yarra.  For all the people who stayed at home, you missed one hell of a match with YMGCR scrapping over the line winning 15/86 to 3/78.  The match between the two young guns in Jimmy LeFevre and Tyson Cromie had every shot in the book and more, but Jim came out the winner 26/16 (the score didn’t give the true closeness of the game).  Ray Irvine’s rink picked up a 5 on the last end to sneak home 25 to 22.  With his last bowl he put it into the count and as he “RAN” down the rink screaming, wife Rhonda thought she might have to get the defibrillator from the office, just in case.  (He hasn’t moved that fast since his football days).  Michael Szabo rink had a great tussle with Tim Cromie and with Szab’s last bowl drew that shot to salvage a draw 20/20.  Anne Miles rink lost 18/23.  The win puts us third on the ladder.

A2’s travelled to Myrtleford and lost 1/59 to 17/94.  Siggi Rempel’s rink got a 2 on the last end to draw 20/20.  Cat lost 13/21, Ian Price lost 15/24 and Kerry Kinnane going down 11/29.

A4’s played Corowa Civic at home and had an outstanding win 18/133 to 0/44.  Good bowling across the 4 rinks with Steve Gann rink winning 36/9, Ian Morffew winning 36/11, Bob Liddell winning 33/10 and Marie Whitehead winning 28/14.  This victory thrust them to top place on the ladder.

B2’s travelled to Corowa Civic and lost but they put up a great fight losing 2/54 to 12/59.  Ross Lloyd won 22/18, Noel Millar lost 18/21 and Robyn Balfour losing 14/21.  Well done as we had quite a few players out this week and with that the club would like to thank all our emergencies that fill in for us every week.

Date to remember:  20th NOVEMBER is the last day for Men’s and Ladies Single Championship entries.

One of our lady bowlers from the Yarra side of the bridge, came over and put her mask into her pocket.  She had to blow her nose and pulled out what she thought was her handkerchief and gave it a good blast.  She then put it back in her pocket.  When she went to do her shopping and put on her mask she found it had extra substance in it.  The guilty person was no other than Caroline Reilly.

On Sunday we had Jim LeFevre, Andy LeFevre and Garry Sanders making the semi finals of the O & M Triples and our ladies team of Anne Miles, Claire Sanders and Laureen Smith as well as Caroline Reilly and Sue Middleton in composite teams also making the Semis.


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