Weekly Report December 27


Our Wednesday Christmas Special social bowls was won by Peter Lidgerwood and Norm Windebank.   Runners up were Ian Price and Shirley “Harry” Potter.  Lucky number was won by Garry Hart (can’t get his name in the paper for his bowling ability but just his luck to get his name drawn).  Best dressed prizes were won by Robert Lidgerwood and Shirley Potter.

On a sad note, we lost one of our much loved members in Pat Bakey.  Although we hadn’t seen Pat for a long time (due to her illness) she will be sadly missed.  To Jim her tireless and loyal partner, our thoughts are with you and your family.  Her funeral will be held at the Funeral Parlor in Ely Street at 11.00am on Wednesday 30 December.

Hope you all had a good and safe Christmas and come back ready to finish the season and finals off with a flag or two, or even three.  Midweek Pennant resumes on 12th January and Weekend Pennant on 16th January.  So drive safe and don’t eat too much because our game is all about the ability to BEND OVER.


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