Weekly Report January 17


Weekend Pennant had the A1’s play Wangaratta another top 4 side at home and winning 18/112 to 0/75.  The selectors made a few subtle changes to the rinks with Les “Cabbage” Spencer moving over to skip for the first time this season and making Garry Sanders his 3rd and Laureen Smith to 2nd and they moved Anne Miles over to 3rd with Szarb’s.  Everything clicked and for the first time this year the team combined and showed how dangerous they can be.   Let’s hope this can now be the start of something good.  Spencer’s rink jumped out to a commanding lead, had a little hiccup but settled to win 29/15.  “Sugar” Ray Irvine rink also had a solid win with a 31/17 victory.  Jimmy “Junior” LeFevre also had a comfortable win with a score of 25/18.  Mick Szarbo went in with two changes to his rink with Miles and Middleton coming in and they drew Wang’s top skip and in a tight battle came out on top winning 27/25.  This now puts them in 2nd on the ladder, 14 points clear of third.

The A2’s travelled to a cold and windy Mansfield and once again put up another gallant performance going down 4/73 to14/77.  All the signs are encouraging and a win is not far away.  Kerry Kinnane side lead the way winning 31/11, with lead Rhonda Irvine giving the side a great start and then being followed up with the Lidgerwood brothers (Peter and Pinkie), the rink was always in control.  Poor old “Grumpy” Loveridge went into the game feeling poorly (and that’s how he bowled) but with lead Normie Windebank playing the game of his life and well supported by Potts and Danny “Scottie” McNeill they prevailed winning 21/12.  But the high light of the day’s game was Potts getting a toucher and then following up with a wrong bias, but he did draw shot on Cat’s rink next door.  Cat’s opposition skip had a day out we would like to forget.  When we were holding shots he would play with weight and with bowls going in every direction (and I mean every direction) he would get the shot.  Siggi Rempel had a great tussle with their lead but they lost 12/25.  Ian Price played their top rink and could never get anything going losing 8/29.

The A4’s played Tungamah at home and in a thrilling finish won 16/79 to 2/78.  With a few ends to play Tunga held the upper hand.  Ian Morffew’s rink was well in control all day until they dropped a 7 and a 3 in two ends.  However on his last end and the score being 21/22 down and 3 down on the head, he then produced a blinder to pick up the jack for a 3 and winning 24/22.  Then Marie Whitehead’s rink picked up a 5 on their 20th end to tie the game.  So it all came down to the last end.  Tunga were holding 3 shots and Marie only had one bowl to come.  She proceeded to then play the perfect bowl at the most important time ….  almost a RESTING TOUCHER.  Our old mate Steve Flanagan tried to take it out but failed.  Dougie Wheeler played his first game as skipper in 30 years (replacing an injured Bob Liddell) and won 20/14.  Steve Gann lost 14/24.

B2’s travelled to Chiltern and lost 4/55 to 10/62.  Noel Millar’s rink with a couple of our new novices performed well to win 22/19 and Ross Lloyd also won 21/18.  John Wenzel lost 12/25.  It was another brave performance and with our “Sunday” squad gaining in confidence and believing that they belong, things can only get better.

Sunday saw the last of the Men’s Singles Semi Finals with Andy and Junior in an all LeFevre final and there were a lot more LeFevres watching on (we didn’t know who they were barracking for).  In a seesawing contest and with the scores, Junior 24 and the old man 23, Andy played 2 beautiful shots with 2 on the jack, but then Jimmy sliced the jack and held 1.  Andy then played and drew within a foot (to all the young people that is 30.48 centimetres).  Jimmy’s last bowl pulled up short and Andy had to draw for the game which he did and this will now give Andy his chance to win his third championship.  He will play Garry Sanders who will be shooting for his sixth title.  They will probably play on the same day as the women.  We will inform you when a date has been selected.  The only down side to the game was the performance of the club’s best marker ….. not his best day.

Also on Sunday we had teams in the O&M Mixed Pairs play at Corowa Civic with Les Spencer and Laureen Smith winning their section.  Also Anne Miles and her partner Ian Brimblecombe went through and they will play again next week on Sunday at Corowa in the knockout finals.

On Wednesday the final of the O&M State Ladies Pairs will be played between YMGCR pair of Anne Miles and Claire Sanders against Benalla’s Kerri Leask and YMGCR player in Sue Middleton.  Game starts at 1:30 pm.  It will be a cracker of a game.

Next Thursday at YMGCR at 9:30 am we have the finals of the O&M over 60’s Men’s and Ladies Pairs. We have Doc Martin and Doddy Dodman in the men’s and Marie Morffew and Pam Dodman playing in the semi finals and Anne Miles and Caroline Reilly already in the Grand Final.

Finally Midweek Pennant was heated out as was Wednesday Social bowls and hot off the press, the A1’s will be playing Yarrawonga next Friday night (not sure what time the game will start) so if you want to watch a good game of bowls get down to Yarra and support our team.

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