Weekly Report January 31


Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play at home against our over the road neighbours in Club Mulwala, with YMGCR winning 14/82 to 0/33.  Laureen Smith was always in control winning 30/10, Anne Miles also had a comfortable win 27/11.  “GG” Green rink was leading 13/12 when the rain came down, but once it cleared away, they also cleared away winning 25/12.  That now puts them a clear game on top of the table, but with a few key exclusions and playing Benalla next at Benalla (who are second on the ladder) we will be in for a tough game.

The A2’s played Mansfield at home and with Mansfield well in control of the game and when the rain came down all the players walked off and went home.  That was a strange decision because 15 minutes later the game could have resumed.

The A3’s travelled to Corowa Civic and lost 2/35 to 12/54.  Our best rink was Marie Whitehead winning 16/8, Doddy lost 9/19 and Eugene Hodson lost 10/27.  Luckily only 50% of the games were played, so all teams get 7 points each.

The B1’s played Swanpool at home and that game was also called off due to the rain (same as the A2’s).

Wednesday social bowls had 32 players and the winners were Stuart McNeill and Ben Nowell with 2 wins and +15 and the runners up were Greg Fisher and Gavin Borwick also with +15.

Thursday had the Final of the O&M Over 60’s Men Pairs and we were represented by Doc Martin and Doddy Dodman who played a Wang team of Greg and Laurie McDonald.  Our boys started well and led 12/6.  The Wang team then changed the length and they went on to win 17/15.

Also on Thursday we had the final of the YMGCR Ladies singles between Anne Miles and Laureen Smith and how fitting it was that it came down to the best 2 ladies.  Anne was going for her fourth title and Laureen was going for her third championships.  After 10 ends they were locked at 7/7 and the conditions were pretty tough with gusty winds changing all the time, and still after 15 ends the girls were both on 10.  Then Smithy made her move and played some magnificent bowls to win the next 6 ends to move 20/10 and some people thought the game was over, but Miles hung in to win the next 4 ends and trailed 17/20.  The standard jumped to another level as they traded shot for shot and after 28 ends Smithy lead 22/17 but Miles continued to put bowls in the head and after 30 ends she trailed 19/23.  Both girls threw caution to the wind and when Anne trailed the jack for 3 it was 22/23 (game on).  On the 34th end with Anne still down by 1 she put her first bowl on and then another and it came down to Laureen’s last bowl.  She played the wide side and when the bowl came to rest it flopped the wrong way only out of the count by inches.  Anne had won, and those who were lucky enough to witness it saw one of the great finals ever contested at our club. Congratulations to both girls for reaching the final and playing at that high standard.

Weekend Pennant had the A1’s play bottom side Benalla at home and winning 18/91 to 0/62. Cabbage Spencer lead the charge winning 27/15, “Suger” Ray Irvine also had a good win 26/16, Junior LeFevre won 22/17 and Szabs won 16/14.  This still keeps them second on the ladder.

BUT the big result of the weekend saw the A2’s travel to play Moira and after our big win against Myrtleford our confidence was up.  We started off slowly and it was looking grim with a couple of rinks struggling.  Thankfully the new glamour rink of Rory, Pricey, Doc and Rowdy kept us in touch.  Kinnane’s rink then began to make a comeback and flew home to lose 19/22 and Grumpy Loveridge had a tight game all day but lost 22/26.  Cat’s rink couldn’t get anything going and lost 9/22, but with Rowdy putting on a clinic at lead and magnificently backed up by Doc, Pricey and Rory, they won 33/12 to give YMGCR a victory 12/83 to 6/82.  We still have a chance to make the finals.  Still a game out of the 4.

The A4’s played 2nd side Swanpool at home and lost 3/72 to15/77.  It was a fantastic effort, but puts them a game outside the four.  But the positive thing is that their destiny is in their own hands because they play the other 3 top sides and they proved that on the weekend, they have enough quality players to do it.  Best rink was Ian Morffew with a good win 20/14.  Steve Gann drew 16/16, Marie Whitehead lost 13/16 and Bob Evans lost 23/31.

The B2’s travelled to St James and won 12/57 to 2/49.  They too are a game outside the 4 and also have to play 3 teams above them.  Well done to Ross Lloyd rink who won 21/12.  Good to see “Niffty” Neville Coleman back winning 17/16 and Noel Millar lost 16/21.

Last week I thought we might try something new with Rink of the Week (I copped a lot of flack over it, but I thought it had merit and so we will do it again).  And this week’s team was …….. wait for it…….. yes, it was Rory Brown, Pricey, Doc Martin and Rowdy Hayes with 21 shots up.

On Sunday we had the YMGCR Men’s Final between Garry Sanders and Andy “Senior” LeFevre.  With each player getting multiple scores in the first 10 ends and with Garry leading 9 to 8, the game then tightened up with 6 ends of singles, but with Garry leading, Andy then took control peeling off a 2, 2, 3, 1, 1, to lead 18/15.  But Garry had won the title 5 times before and dug deep to pull back a 2 and then another 2 (scores 17/18).  Andy then had a measure for 3 but he had to settle for 2.  Garry then played 3 beautiful bowls to go to 21.  Andy won the next end but Garry won the last 3 ends to win 26/21.  Well done lads and the small crowd enjoyed the very high quality game.  Good luck to both Anne and Garry in the O&M Champion of Champions next week.

Our club will hold the Ladies Champions of Champions on Sunday 7th of February next week with roll up at 9:15am.  This a good chance to see the O&M finest women in action.

A bit of housekeeping:-  Our annual Barefoot Bowls Charity Challenge ($1200 prize money shared for local charities) starts with registration and practice match on Tuesday 16th February at Yarra Golf from 7pm.  Competition starts on Tuesday 23rd February and will run for 5 weeks.  For more information please contact Greg Fisher : 0498724141 or Danny McNeill on 0427950405.


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