Weekly Report February 07


Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play 2nd place side Benalla at Benalla and with a couple of big outs our backs were against the wall, Shirley Hummel was promoted and making his A1’s debut was “Stormin” Norman Windebank.  With Rory Brown promoted after the withdrawal of “GG” Green, and with Irvine giving the rink a great start and “Stormin” playing 2nd for the first time and putting in a blinder, (much to the disgust of the opposition skip who wondered where our newby came from) Claire Sanders was moved from lead to play 3rd and was instrumental in the rink’s big win with a 29/8 victory.  Anne Miles has had the same rink all year and it shows on the score board as they have not lost a single game all year (it’s a pretty good feeling knowing that you have a nearly guaranteed win) and of course they prevailed winning 26/17.  Laureen Smith got a new lead in Sue Middleton and 2nd in Hummel, and in a titanic game over 21 ends came up short losing 17/21.  This has now put Benalla back in the pack and it now has given us both victories for the year.  That hasn’t happened very often because they have been our nemesis over the last few years.

A2’s played Rutherglen at home and won 12/85 to 2/61 and now puts them 3rd on the ladder, but with only 12 points from 3rd to 7th, so this makes next week’s game against 7th side St James a crucial and a must win.  With the A1’s getting a couple of players back and Alan Goudge also back strengthens them to almost full strength.  It’s good to see Marcia McGrillen hold on to her skips job as she has done a fantastic job while Alan has been away.  Her rink did the damage against Rutherglen winning 29/14.  She was well supported by Steve Gann winning 30/18 and a very close game with Garry Hart just losing 26/29.

The A3’s travelled to Moira and lost 2/41 to 12/61.  Doddy Dodman was our successful rink winning 15/13, Eugene Hodson rink hung in there all day only to go down 15/22, while Marie Whitehead lost 11/26.  They still sit 4th on the ladder and they will also be strengthened next week against Wangaratta.

The B1’s played Myrtleford at home and lost 0/47 to 14/73.  Best rink was “Shagga” Baxter who went down fighting 17/21, Carolyn Boston lost 16/24 and last week I gave this new skip a big wrap and this week the wheels fell off (but that’s bowls) and I am sure Col Withers will bounce back as he is a very determined old farmer, they lost 14/28.

Wednesday Social Bowls we had 3 bowls pairs with 27 players.  We had 3 two game winners and the victorious team were Les Wilson, Mary Essex and Marie Morffew with +16.  They won on a count back from Stuart McNeill and Chris Horne.

Weekend Pennant had the A1’s play Kiewa at home and they won 16/104 to 2/66 and after an inspiring talk before the game from Anne about not dropping clangers (4 shots or more) her rink dropped a 5 (good talk Anne).  However, Szab’s rink quickly recovered with a great all round performance from the whole side and powered away to win 32/16.  Cabbage Spencer rink was in a tight battle for the first 8 ends but they then strung together some big ends to win 29/16.  Ray “Sugar” Irvine was in total control and won 24/13.  Junior LeFevre led all day but dropped a 4 on the last end and went down 19/21.  We also unearth another quality bowler playing his first game in the A1’s in “Stormin” Norman Windebank.  It was a big week with not much sleep (he played quite a few games in his head before his debut in the Midweek A1’s and then again on Friday night), but he can be proud of his performances on both days as he played beautiful games on both days.  It was fantastic to see one of our old players who hasn’t been all too good lately.  I hope he enjoyed himself and we can see more of him there to give us his support in Tommy Payne.

The A2’s who had 4 changes from last week’s team played top of the table Rutherglen at home and what a fantastic result.  The troops dug in deep and came away with the win of the season (by any team at our club).  With only one rink the same as last week the job was going to be tough, but now with renewed confidence we now believe we can win any game.  The 4 new players (Marcia McGrillen, Tony Durkin, Col Withers who came up from the B2’s and little Susie Evans) all stepped up and seized their opportunities and will make the selectors job tough this week.  The score was YMGCR 14/79 to 4/66, and still keeps them in the final hunt (still 6th but we didn’t drop any points to our oppositions).  Next week game at home against 5th side in Chiltern is another big game and a win is a must.  Best rink was Ian Price rink who won 23/14, Cat got back on the winners list winning 20/14, new skip in Robert “Pinkie” Lidgerwood had Tony Durkin playing his 1st game in the A2’s since his surgery and little Susie “Q’ Evans leading well and just going down 16/17.  Kerry Kinnane drew their top skip and with 1st gamer in Col Withers playing 2nd, the rink lost 20/21 and this result was as good as a win.

The A4’s travelled to top of the table side in Milawa and lost 2/65 to 16/99.  Marie Whitehead rink was successful winning a tight game 19/18 and it’s good to see Bob “Bucks” Brokenshire back in the saddle.  Bob Evans lost 16/26, Steve Gann went down 17/28 and in something of a surprise Ian Morffew lost 13/27.

The B2’s played cross town rival in Yarrawonga at home and in a dramatic finish went down by 1 miserable shot.  They were holding shot and game but the Yarrawonga skip took out our shot bowl to claim the victory and spoils.  We lost 4/51 to 10/52.  Noel Millar is enjoying a solid year winning 18/13, Ian Cumming won 16/13 and “Niffty” Coleman lost 17/26, but they still have a chance of making the four.

Because our new award of rink of the week is becoming more and more popular with not only the bowlers but also the general public (people have stopped me in the street to talk about it), I think this gives all bowlers something to strive for and don’t forget it is over ALL Midweek and Weekend Pennant games.  So this week winners are ….. you have to be kidding ….. not 3 times in a row (I think this might be a new world record), RORY Brown, and first timers in Claire Sanders, “Stormin” Norman Windebank and Rhonda Irvine for their fantastic victory against Benalla on Tuesday with +21 shots.


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