Weekly Report February 14


Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play Corowa Civic at home, winning 14/80 to 0/48.   After a different rev up before the game from Claire Sanders who walked around and eye balled each player and told them what was expected from them, the “Pocket Rocket” was very confronting and intimidating.  Laureen Smith rink were dominating from the outset and with the “Pocket Rocket” (Claire) leading well and peppering the jack and Snodger Lowrie following suit, the front half gave Pricey and Smithy plenty to work with.  Smithy played some magnificent bowls and they won 29/8.  Milesy rink went on their winning way and after dominating for most of the day, things can quickly change and they lost 9 shots in 2 ends and the score was 22/21 after 18 ends.  But after a meeting in the middle of the green she challenged her rink to win the last 3 ends and they lifted to win 31/21.  The tight game was between Civic’s top skip and “GG” Green and when Corowa jumped out to a 0/9 lead (the thoughts of having to face the “Pocket Rocket” spread fear into the rink) but when we were holding shots the Corowa skip would come down and casually take the shot off us or add to his score. But the rink slowly began to wear them down and we thought the skip can’t keep saving them and when we came to the last end we were only 3 shots adrift and with Civic holding 2 shots next to the jack “GG” asked Rory to disturb the head.  He then closed his eyes and bowled and luckily made contact and his bowl and jack squirted out to the left and we were holding 1, and then with his next bowl he drew another shot.  Much to our surprise their skip dropped it short and “GG” then drew a third (game is tied) and once again their skip dropped short and up stepped “GG” with his last bowl to win us the game which he did and we were in front for the first time in the game with the last bowl of the game and we won 20/19.

The A2’s travelled to St James and lost 3/46 to 11/63.  With Allan Goudge, Shirley Hummel and “Stormin” Norman Windebank all back in the one rink, they played out a tight battle and won 19/18. Marcia McGrillen who has stepped up to skip when Goudgey was away has now proved to be a very good skip and playing against St James top skip and in a tight game she drew 20/20.  Garry Hart’s rink had a tough battle and lost 7/25. They are still in the 4.

The A3’s played 2nd bottom team in Wangaratta at home and won in a tight game 12/54 to 2/50.  In a close game all day, Doddy’s rink had a convincing win 23/13 and was well supported by Greg “Fish” Fisher’s rink who won 23/15.  Eugene “John” Hodson lost 8/22.  This now leaves them 2nd with 78 points, BUT the 6th place side is on 67 points, so the next few weeks will all be qualifying finals.

The B1’s travelled to Corowa RSL and lost 0/36 to 14/90.  Playing the top team on their own track is a big ask, but the boys and girls hung in there all day with the best rink of the day being “Shagga” Baxter who lost 13/28 and Bob Liddell lost 15/31.

This week’s games in Midweek Pennant have being cancelled due to Covid 19 lock down.

Wednesday Social bowls had 28 players and we had 3 two game winners and getting the big bucks were Billy Butterworth and “Niffty” Coleman with a +3.  Runners up with +21 were Lynton Potter and Marcia McGrillin and the jackpot failed to go off.

On Thursday we had the final of the Novice Ladies championship between Barbie “Doll” Tennyson and up and comer in Lyn Baxter.  In a very high standard and an entertaining game Barb jumped out of the blocks to take the early advantage, but all of a sudden Lyn got an injection of energy (she swallowed a fly) or weather it left a bad taste in her mouth, she decided to go to short ends and she slowly gained control and won 25/19.  It just goes to show that we have some very good new bowlers making their way through the grades.  Well done girls ….. very enjoyable.

Weekend Pennant was cancelled due to the Covid 19 lock down.

We normally have rink of the week, but with no Weekend Pennant I decided that it wasn’t fair to all the weekend players and therefore we will suspend this award for 2 weeks due to the Midweek Pennant being cancelled next week.  Sorry Smithy 21 would have been hard to beat.

Next week (16th Feb) we were supposed to have our Registration and practice game for our Barefoot Bowls, but due to Covid we will be changing Registration to the 23rd and starting a week later.

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