Weekly Report March 07


Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play Myrtleford at home and in a lacklustre performance end up winning 12/65 to 2/61.  With Smithy’s new look rink taking control early they won 26/19, Milesy rink was always in a battle and just got over the line winning 20/18.  “GG” Green rink dropped a 6 on the 2nd end and plugged away but lost 19/24.

The A2’s played Wodonga at home and won 12/64 to 2/56.  They now have to travel to Wodonga for the catch-up round and have to win all 3 rinks to make the finals.  Best rink this week was Allan Goudge side who had a comfortable win 21/11, Marcia McGrillen rink won a tight battle 21/18 and Morf went down 22/27.  Good luck next week.

A3’s played Wodonga at Wodonga and lost 0/49 to 14/73, and the best rink was Doddy with a 16/18 loss, Greg Fisher lost 15/19 and Marie Whitehead lost 18/36.  This now puts them out of the 4 and into 6th place…..but if they win with all rinks up against Wodonga they will jump over 4th side Wodonga but we also need top side Kiewa to beat 5th side Civic.

B1’s played Wareena Park at home just going down 3/48 to 11/52, with best rink of Robyn Balfour winning 18/16 and being well supported by Mary Essex getting a draw 15/15 and with Col Withers losing 15/21.

Wednesday Social bowls had 20 players take to the green and with 2 wins and +15 shots saw Danny McNeill and “Captain” Kurt Bleckwehl getting the money and the pot card.  Runners up with 2 wins and +14 were Steve Gann and Dougie “Boy” McTier who won on a count back.

Weekend Pennant had the A1’s travelled to Kiewa and in another nail biter finish that went down to the last end for the 2nd time in a week, we lost 4/76 to 14/79 which puts us down to 3rd on the ladder and now we play Corowa RSL in the knock out final.  Best rink was “Junior” LeFevre who lead all day winning 24/16.  Petro Velardo lead beautifully all day on the tricky Kiewa surface and was well backed up by Pres, Senior and of course Junior.  Cabbage Spencer rink was always in a battle with the Kiewa skip playing some big bowls during the day, but eventually with the rink still putting bowls in the head, things had to change and with Cabbage still playing well they prevailed to win 20/14. “Sugar” Ray rink was always in a tight battle with 2nd “GG” Green playing well, but the Kiewa 3rd and skip played some telling bowls when needed.  On the 83rd end YMGCR were 2 shots up on the main board and holding 2 good shots, when the Kiewa skip with his last bowl played the perfect shot and trailed the jack back for 3.  Szabs rink was in trouble all day and lost 14/24.

The A2’s played top side Rutherglen away and came home with the chocolates winning 16/87 to 2/61. (2nd time they beat Rutherglen for the year).  The stars of the show were Cat’s rink who won 27/15 and were well backed up by Pricey rink winning 22/12 with old Dougie Wheeler showing that he’s still got it.  Pinkie Lidgewood is really bowling well and now that he is back in his favourite position, he won 24/16. (It’s good to see Tony Durkin getting back to his very best again since he had his hip done.  He is now using a walking stick for support and last week he made the bold decision of lopping 6 inches off his stick).  Kerry Kinnane side put in a solid effort to just go down 14/18.  This now puts the team in a strong position next year with a fantastic finish to the year, not only beating the top team but also just going down to all the other top four teams.

The A4’s played another top of the table side in Milawa at home and walked away with an honourable draw 9/76 to 9/76 with Marie Whitehead’s rink of Doddy Dodman, Rosco Lloyd and Shagga Baxter all having a blinder winning 29/15, and the all girl rink of the Morffews, McGrillen and Lyn Baxter all combining well to win a close game 20/19.  Bob Evans went down 13/20 and Bob Liddell lost 14/22 and although they finished 6th on the ladder, they showed that they can mix it with the top sides and they groomed several new up and coming players.

The B2’s played Yarrawonga at Yarra and lost 2/55 to 12/75.  Best rink was Nifty Neville Coleman winning 24/20, Terry Mathews put up a good showing losing 16/20 and Noel Millar lost 15/35.

Like to thank Yvonne Rath for donating 3 sets of bowls which will be used in our Barefoot Bowls competition.

More housekeeping: our annual break up will be held on Sunday the 28th of March at the YMGCR Lagoon area.  BBQ and refreshments will be provided.  ALL pennant players and partners are welcome.  There is a list on the board down near the bowls office, so put your name down for catering purposes and if you could bring a salad or a sweet.  More details of time later when it gets closer.

Now it’s been a while since we had one of the most popular awards back (Covid lockdown and byes have caused it’s suspension) BUT it is back for the last time this year…..yes it is “RINK OF THE WEEK”.  This week’s winners are Marie Whitehead, Doddy, Lloydy and Shagga with +14.  Well done to Marie for moulding this rink into a fine fighting unit (we all agree there are a few rough ones in there).  It must have been challenging at times.

Good luck to all our teams in the finals.  The Weekend A1’s will be playing in Wangaratta starting at 12:45. Please come along to support your team mates.  Keep an eye on our website for details on where our Midweek teams will play next week.


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