Weekly Report March 14


In the Midweek catch up game, the A1’s played Myrtleford at Myrtleford and won 12/68 to 2/50 and now go into the finals as an undefeated team.  As we all know finals are a different situation and those wins are now old news and mean nothing and we must now refocus on all the things we did right to get us there as it’s going to be one hell of a final series.  Anne Miles rink had a great season and went through undefeated and won 27/10, hats off to Petro Velardo, Robyn Moore and Siggi Rempel for having an outstanding season (the combination was the same in every game).  “GG” Green won 23/18 but had 3 clangers (dropping 4 or more shots in one end) against them.  This must be improved as we cannot let this happen in the finals, but to their credit they continually came back and got the points.  Smithy was in a tight game all day and just went down 22/18.  We now play our final against Wodonga at Corowa Civic.

The A2’s travelled to Wodonga and had to get all rinks up to replace Wodonga in the finals and in a titanic battle over the 3 rinks we just failed and won 12/53 to 2/49.  Goudge’s rink won 21/15, Moff’s got up 18/16 and Marcia just went down 14/18.  We now finished in 5th position and on the same points as Wodonga but a worst percentage.  You all can be very proud of your efforts as you never threw the towel in and took it to the wire.

A3’s also played Wodonga at home and just got pipped at the post and lost 4/57 to 10/59.  Doddy’s rink had a good win 24/11, Fish also won 26/16 and Marie Whitehead lost.  Wodonga finished 4th, just goes to show that we were not far off the pace.

B1’s played Wareena Park at home and finished on a high note to record their first victory winning 10/52 to 4/50.  The best rink was “Shagga” Baxter’s all girl squad of Vicki Withers, Carolyn Boston and Lyn Baxter (the girls must have all bowled well to get them over the line) winning 22/12.  Bob Liddell lost 14/18 and Robyn Balfour went down 16/20.  Well done to all the players who represented the B1’s.  Everybody knows it can be very tough going, but as long as you are out having fun because that is the main thing.

Wednesday social bowl was won by Steve Gann and Les Balfour and runners up were Don Tipping and Barb Tennyson.

Weekend Pennant had our A1’s playing in the Elimination Final against Corowa RSL at Wangaratta and had a good victory winning 79 to 64.  With a fast green (probably the fastest green we have encountered all year) and a tricky wind, we were going to be in a tough battle.

Cabbage Spencer showed a lot of guts and determination by going into the game with a very nasty injury (he stubbed his little toe on his wife surprise birthday present the night before …… that will teach him to get her a gift) and he led his rink to a very telling win 24/13.  The big man played many brilliant bowls and had great support from Gary “Wally” Sanders and Smithy.  It was a tight contest early and after 12 ends the scores were tied 11/11.  Then with more bowls in the head and Cabbage still bowling well they won 7 of the last 9 ends to secure a very important victory for the team.

Junior LeFevre rink jumped out of the blocks with a 4 on the first end and with the whole team contributing well they were in total control of the game and after 14 ends lead 17/6.  But as would be expected the RSL rink bounced back to win the last 5 ends, but YMGCR won 18/16.

Szab’s rink was in a tight battle all day and with Middleton and Snodger playing well up front after 14 ends they held a 5 shot lead.  Then RSL got back in the game to win the next 5 ends to lead 18/15 and with 2 ends to play it was anybody’s game.  With the overall game safely in YMGCR hands and with only their pride on the line they dug in deep to win the last 2 ends and won 19/18 and that will give them confidence for next week.

“Sugar” Ray was also in a tight contest and after 8 ends the scores were level on 7/7.  Sugar then won the next 2 ends to jump to a 12/7 lead, but with the RSL skip playing brilliant bowls to keep his side in the contest RSL won the next 4 ends to lead 12/13. The scores were level once again on the 20th end and with a never give in attitude, they also came home with a win 18/17.

We would like to thank all the supporters who made the trip to gave us all fantastic support throughout the day and I hope more will come next week to cheer us on.  Also we would like to thank Les Balfour for being the most professional bus driver and who did a mighty job to get us there and back.  We will put up on our website where the final will be played as soon as we find out.

If you are not doing anything next Friday at 10 am, do yourself a favour and come along to see the final of the Mixed Pairs between Wazza Henderson /Marie Whitehead and Bob Evans/Robyn Moore, should be a cracker of a game.

In other news, Anne, Laureen and Claire won the Ladies triples tournament at Shepparton Park, then on Thursday at Rutherglen, the same 3 girls plus Judy Wenzel were runners up in the Aylean Bakers fours (if you need a loan, have a chat to one of the girls because they would be rolling in it) and in 3rd place was our own Sue Middleton and Lyn Baxter.

Also don’t forget to put your name down for our annual breakup/presentation day BBQ at the YMGCR lagoon area on Sunday 28th March, starts at 12 noon, list on notice board near bowls office (could you please indicate if you are bringing a salad or a sweet).  All pennant players and partners welcome, so please get your name down early for catering numbers, food and drink free, so there are no excuses.


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