Weekly Report June 06


Due to Covid it has been a very quiet week.  Our Bowls Committee was going to meet last week to finalise a new date for our AGM, but at the time all Victorians were not allowed in the club.  Now that the restrictions have just been lifted we can go ahead and come up with a new date. We will make a decision and inform people as soon as possible.  When the date has been announced we hope we can get a good quorum (we need 40 people at the meeting) to justified a legal AGM.

There will be social bowls this week.  List is on the notice board.  Also a few of our bowlers have made it up to Queensland to play in the Australia Open…..lucky buggers.  Good luck and have a great time.

On Sunday we had the O&M AGM and I am pleased to say that our own Laureen Smith is once again President.  Well done Smithy. Laureen has asked clubs to nominate people for these vacant positions :- 3 board, 2 pennant, 2 greens and 1 match.  If anyone is interested, please give Laureen a ring.


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