Weekly Report August 01


Well, we are back for the time being and on Wednesday’s 3 bowl pairs we had 16 players.  Coming out on top with 2 wins were the combination of Doddy Dodman and Bob Brokenshire with a +11. Runners up with a loss and a win were John McGough and Frank Liberg with a +12.  But the high light of the day was when new bowler Denise Trubianna played the shot of the day when she took out a bowl to give her team a 6 and victory.  This week’s lucky number was won by the ORGANIZER in Bob “Bucks” Brokenshire (I’m sure everything was above board even if he does barrack for Collingwood) and the jackpot failed to go off.

Friday we had our first social bowls for a long time and what a great job our ladies match committee did.  Thanks to Marie Morffew and her hardworking gang who made a lot of phone calls, we got a field of 44.  They tried a different format of only 1 game and when the winners who were Yarrawonga’s pair of Ray Butler and Shane Maddox got their card pulled out they got a nice surprise with the winning prize money.  Runners up were Neil Loveridge and the Dougie “Boy” McTier and the consolation prize went to Laureen Smith and a man we haven’t seen for a while in Trevor “Oyster” Kilpatrick .  Next week’s format they will be trying walk and talk, so make sure you put your name down for both days and give them all the support we can muster.  I would like to thank all the Yarrawonga bowlers who made the effort to support us.

Don’t forget to put your name down for the pennant teams (sheets are on the boards) and I’m sorry I gave Carolyn Boston a mild heart attack when I put up the wrong date for Midweek pennant.  It starts on the 12th of October.

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