Weekly Report September 26


Wednesday social bowls had a fantastic field of 40.  There was a lot of frustrated Victorian members making their first appearance back onto our great greens.  It has been a long time to see both our greens nearly full.  We had 4 two game winners, but we had two sides that had a day out.  One of our new recruits in young Stuart McNeill (Danny’s son) teamed up with Kim Johnston with a score of +29 and were feeling a little bit confident.  After all this score would win 95% of the time.  BUT the team of Bill Jenkins and Ross Lloyd were in red hot form (both now using sticks) and played 2 great games and had a score of +32.  With a huge spread of scores (-27 to +32) the jackpot failed to go off. Billy Jenkins wasn’t finished.  He then picked up a lucky number and Michael Szabo also got some cash.

The day’s mood quickly saddened when we heard that club mate Lois Ellis had suddenly passed away. Our thoughts go out to Don and his family.

Friday’s bowls got off to a sombre start after Robyn Moore gave a small eulogy for Lois Ellis.  We then had a minute silence.

On a beautiful sunny Friday, the shorts came out for the first time for many of us this year and there needs to be a lot put in to get legs tanned.  The ladies match committee have come up with a winning formula and now they have added music in the game.  The atmosphere was great, but the only trouble was, people were singing along and a lot of the voices are well and truly passed their best. Still we had 56 players enjoying the new concept and the winning team on the day were the pairing of Col and Vicki Withers.  Runners up were Yarrawonga pair Ray “Lucky ” Butler and Shane Maddox and the first consolation prize went to another Yarrawonga pairing of Peter McKay and Wayne Barnes.  With such a great field the girls gave out an extra prize and that went to Robyn Moore and Jim Conway.

Due to Covid the Committee is still trying to get our AGM finalised.  We will keep you informed.  Also we still have not got a date for the start of the pennant season.


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