Weekly Report October 10


Wednesday Social had 40 bowlers.  It’s good to see so many people coming back to social bowls and thanks to our mates from Yarra for their support.  We had 5 two game winners and coming out in front were John McGough and Shane Maddox with +25.  Runners up with a good score of +23 were Don Tipping and Marie Morffew.  Jackpot failed to go off.  Next week it will be a healthy amount, so get your name down and give yourselves a chance.

Friday Social had 48 players.  It is getting to the point that if you don’t get in early you could miss out as they are getting to the maximum amount of teams possible.  This week winners were Greg Fisher and Carolyn Boston, runners up were Laureen Smith and Pam Dodman, first consolation prize winners were Norm Windebank and Barb Tennyson and second consolation went to the Irvines (Rhonda and Sugar).

Now for some housekeeping.  We will be having our AGM on Sunday 31st October at 10am in the Willow Room.  This will be followed by our Opening Day starting at 12pm.  As usual this will be subject to the Covid situation.

Every Thursday starting at 4pm we will have some of our top bowlers going to set up different drills for all the different positions.  This we be available for ALL pennant bowlers (Midweek and Weekend players).  Different drills will be set up for all the positions.  They will get you to play shots that each position requires you to play in a game.  Once you have done it a few times you then go and practice with the other bowlers.

Midweek pennant practice will be on Tuesday starting at 10am.  There is a list up.  The selectors would like you to put your name up by 5pm on the Monday night.  This will be so the selectors can pick teams for practice.

There are sheets up for both pennant competitions for players wishing to play pennant, so please put your name down!!!


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