Weekly Report October 24


Wednesday social bowls had a very good field of 41 players.  The winners this week were Mick Reilly and “Captain” Kurt Bleckwehl with 2 wins and +15.  Runners up were Wayne Lowrie and Darryl Lowe (a visitor from Port Arlington) with 2 wins and +14 .  Jackpot went off this week to Col Withers and Narelle Lowe (the way Col and Vicki are winning the prize money every week they are going to bypass buying cattle and get a new tractor instead).  Lucky numbers were collected by Garry Presnell and Jan Hermassoo.

Friday had another capacity field of 56 players (next week they are going to 60 players).  Winners this week were Ian Morffew and Les Balfour.  Runners up were Norm Windebank and Barb Tennyson.  The first consolation prize went to Ray Brown and Les Spencer and the second consolation prize went to Rhonda and Ray Irvine.

Saturday we had our first practice match against Cobram at home and we had 45 players.  With so many pennant players still not available the selectors trialed a few ideas with their rink selections. Next week we are having an inter club game, so make sure your name is on the sheet by 4pm Thursday.  The selectors will then pick the rinks.  Also there is a sheet up for the midweek practice matches.  It looks like the Weekend pennant season is due to start on the 13th November and Midweek the 16th, so the more practice games you can get under your belt, the better you will be prepared for the real games.

On Thursday the 4th of November, “Morff ” and his team of hard workers will be putting on our free BBQ.  This is just a small get together to introduce our new bowlers and have a talk about the upcoming season.  This will take place after practice about 5pm.  There will be a list up for catering numbers.

Don’t forget on Sunday 31st October we are having our AGM followed by a fun game of bowls for the opening of our fantastic greens.  After bowls we are having some nibbles so please put your name up on that list.


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