Weekly Report October 31


Wednesday Social bowls had another good turn out with 38 players taking to the green.  We had 6 two game winners and the winners on the day were Mick Reilly and Tony Durkin with the best score in a very long time of +37.  Yes +37!!!!  Runners up were Robert Lidgerwood and Barb Tennyson who must have thought they were in with a real chance with a +19.  With another big spread of numbers the jackpot looked like it would be safe for another week, BUT you would not believe +37 came out much to Mick’s and Tony’s delight.  Lucky numbers were collected by Bill Jenkins and Barb Tennyson.

Friday had another large field of 56 players and the winners were Robert Lidgerwood and Doug Wheeler.  Runners up were Lyn Baxter and Bill Jenkins. The consolation prizes went to June Binental and Frank Liberg from Yarrawonga and another Yarra side in Shane Maddox and Ray Butler.

Saturday we had an internal practice match and our sides are starting to look promising with the influx of new recruits and the natural improvement of our newer bowlers.  We will be having our last internal practice match next Saturday.  A list is on the notice board.  Being the final hit out before the first game, it is important to put your name in front of the selectors because our teams are going to be very competitive across our four sides.  At the moment we are still hoping that Pennant starts on Saturday 13th and Tuesday 16th.  Midweek practice is still on Tuesdays at 10 am.

On Sunday we had our belated AGM, with most of the positions only having one nomination.  The only decision was for the Weekend selectors.  The successful candidates were Greg Green (Chairperson), Les Spencer, Andy Lefevre, Ray Brown and Ian Morphew (sorry Morffew).  So let’s all get together and support not only the Weekend but also the Midweek selectors.  Their job is tough enough without people getting upset at where they are picked.  Be a team player and do your best for our CLUB and TEAM MATES.  If you have any problems don’t hesitate to make an appointment to talk to ALL the selectors before the selectors meetings on a Monday night or Tuesday afternoon.  Remember they are considering 60 positions and the best for each team.

Keep an eye out for the cut off dates for our club championships.


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