Weekly Report November 07


On Wednesday social bowls we had 36 players.  We had 4 two game winners and a situation occurred which I have not seen ever.  We had 3 teams with a +19!!!  After going through the score cards the match committee got their eventual winners in Kerry Kinnane and Marcia McGrillen.  Runners up were Robbie Lidgerwood and Lyn Baxter and just missing out of the placings were Shane Maddox from Yarrawonga and Barb Tennyson.  The jackpot went off again this week to Neville Coleman and Pam Dodman.  The lucky number winners were Keith Eade and Bob Brokenshire.

Friday had another full field of 60 players.  The winners were the brother and sister act of Kim and Andy Lefevre.  Runners up were Garry Presnell and Greg Green (beating an undefeated team from Wangaratta).  Consolation prizes went to Tony Durkin and one of our old members who is starting to get back into bowls in Trevor “Oyster” Kilpatrick.  The other winners were the husband and wife combo in Shirley and Lynton Potter.

On Sunday we had the start of our club Singles Championships (men and women).  In the men’s section, progressing through to the Semi finals were Andy Lefevre and a couple of our new bowlers in Micky Vaughan and Kenny Widderson and multiple champ in Garry Sanders who will be up against  another newbie in Stuart McNeill.  In the ladies section, the big four got through but were pushed by some of our up and comers. (I hope that the new girls got a lot out of the experience).  Laureen Smith will play Robyn Moore and Anne Miles will play her mate Claire Sanders.  Could this be the year for Claire to get her first YMGCR Singles Championship?  I will try to inform everybody when these games will be played.

This week we will be starting our Pennant seasons, so go out there and enjoy yourself and do our great club proud.

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