Weekly Report November 14


Wednesday social bowls had 31 players and this week we had 3 two game winners.  Les Balfour and Neville Coleman won with 2 wins and +20.  Runners up with 2 wins and +16 were the trio of Victor Brincat, Peter McKay and Noel Millar.  Jackpot failed to go off and the lucky numbers were won by Robert Lidgerwood and Don Tipping.

Due to the heavy rain later in the week Friday social was cancelled and the first round of Weekend Pennant also got called off (just like to thank our emergency players who were helping us out this week).

We were supposed to play the semi finals of the women’s singles on Sunday, but that was also cancelled and now will be played on Thursday morning at 10 am.  Miles will play Sanders and Smith to play Moore.  Also in the afternoon Gary Presnell will finish his game against “Shagga ” Baxter.

From now on Midweek practice will be on Mondays starting at 3.00pm.

Heard a good statement from one of our more experienced bowlers during the week “We are 2 down but we are holding second shot”.  You got to be better than that Gary Presnell.

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