Weekly Report November 21


Pennant didn’t go to plan this weekend with all 4 sides going down.  The A1 played last year’s runner up side in Wangaratta at home and went down 4/79 to 14/85.  The stars for us was Les Spencer’s rink winning 29/9.  With Les bowling out of his skin and getting great support from two of our young recruits in Stuart McNeill and Ryan Davies and with Claire Sanders dominating up front they nearly got us over the line.  Jimmy Lefevre rink had a solid win 24/19 with another new player to the side in Ken Widdison giving his team a great start.  Szab’s rink was in a tight battle all day but lost the last couple of ends to go down 14/26.  Scott Widdison went down 12/31.

A2’s travelled to Mansfield and were expecting a tough game as they are always a hard side to beat.  BUT what we dished up was a very disappointing display going down 0/49 to 18/118.  Best rink was Ray Brown who lost 16/21, Robbie Lidgerwood lost 11/26, Kerry Kinnane lost 12/33 and Cat lost 10/38.  Let’s hope they can bounce back next week and have a better showing.

A4’s played Tungamah at home and lost 2/66 to 16/89.  Best rink was Ian Morffew side winning 23/20.  Marie Whitehead had a battle with our green keeper Wazza Henderson just going down 13/19, Ian Price went down 15/25 and Bob Evens lost 13/25.

B2’s travelled to Chiltern and lost 0/34 to 14/71.  Best rink was Keith Eade who lost 14/20, Terry Mathews lost 12/28 and Bill Butterworth went down 8/23.

Our Midweek Pennant sides had a far better start to the season with the A1’s having a good win against our neighbours in Club Mulwala winning 14/81 to 0/41.  After a slow start they powered home to have a comfortable win.  Best rink was skipped by Garry Sanders winning 33/10.  Our other new skip in Les Spencer had a good victory winning 24/15 and the very reliable skip in Anne Miles just keeps on notching up victories winning 24/16.  Next week they travel to Corowa RSL.

A2’s played Wodonga at home and got all rinks up winning 14/70 to 0/51.  Best rink was the new skipper Stuart McNeill winning 24/17, Marcia McGrillen won 22/16 and Ray Brown 24/18.  They will travel to Yackandandah next in what will be a hard game.

A3’s played Wodonga at Wodonga and in a very tight game just going down 2/55 to 12/57. Best rink was Les Balfour team having a great win 27/10.  Danny McNeill lost 11/23 and Marie Whitehead went down 17/24.  They play Rutherglen at home next week.

B2’s played Corowa Civic away and in another tight game just going down by 2 shots losing 2/57 to 12/59.  Greg Fisher’s rink had a good win 21/18, Mary Essex lost 17/18 and John Wenzel lost 19/23.

Wednesday social bowls had 36 players with 4 two game winners and with a score of +24 the winners were Rob Hummel and Shagga Baxter.  Runners up were Cat and Shirley Potter with a +20. The jackpot did not get claimed and the lucky numbers were won by Chris Page and Col Withers.

Friday Social bowls had another full field and the winners were the husband and wife team in Gavin and Lil Borwick.  Runners up were another husband and wife combo in Garry and Claire Sanders.  The consolation prizes went to Noel Millar and Hans Lang and another husband and wife team in Les and Robyn Balfour.

On Sunday we had 3 men’s teams in the State Triples playing at Corowa Civic and in good news the team of Scott Widdison, Ryan Davies and Gary Presnell have progressed to the semi finals. They will play a team from Moira.  The game will start at 9.30 at Corowa Civic and if they get through they will contest the final later in the afternoon.  Another of our teams was Jim and Andy Lefevre and Garry Sanders who were in the same section as Scott Widdison.  Their game came down to the last bowl with Scott picking up a 2 to claim the win.  Ian Price, Doddy Dodman and Norm Windebank were our third team and they all played some very good bowls.

In the ladies section our team of Anne Miles, Laureen Smith and Claire Sanders have once again got through.  They will play a team from Myrtleford and the winners will play the team of Kerri Leask (Benalla) and our own Robyn Moore and Sue Middleton.  This team has the bye.  If Anne wins our club will have 5 out of the 6 ladies in the final.  The first final will begin at 9.30 at Corowa RSL.  So if you want to watch some high quality bowls, get along to Corowa to support our team mates.


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