Weekly Report November 28


Wednesday social bowls was washed out and on Friday we had 36 players and the winners were Kerry Kinnane and Peter Lidgerwood.  Runners up were the Potter clan and third were Ross Lloyd and Neville Coleman.

On a very warm Friday night our A1’s played our annual night pennant game against Yarrawonga at Yarrawonga and they came away with a good solid win winning 18/96 to 0/52.  After small adjustments to the rinks the team looked like they were gelling a lot more.  With so many new faces it was always going to take a bit of fiddling to get everything right.  Mick Szabo rink looked rock solid all night and when you think 2 of his rink (Stuart McNeill and Mick Vaughan) have never played or even see the tricky green before, coming away with a 29/10 win was a mighty effort.  Scott Widdison rink play some fantastic bowls all night long and they won 21/10.  Les Spencer rink started off slowly but they fought their way back to come away with a good win of 24/14.  Jimmy Lefevre rink jumped out of the blocks but to Yarra’s credit they hung in there to go down 22/18.

The A2’s played Benalla away and were determined to show that last week’s effort was just a one off mishap.  After making a few changes to the rinks we played a lot better and they won 18/92 to 0/60. Best rink was Ray Brown rink with Norm Windebank, Bill Jenkins and Greg Green all bowling well to get a 32/11 win.  Cat rink was stripped down from last week with only Cat remaining.  Thanks to Doug Wheeler and Les Wilson helping out they got up 22/17.  Robert Lidgerwood rink also had 2 changes and they came away with a 19/15 win.  The selectors made a bold move by putting an all girl rink together with Smithy, Middleton, Antoinette “Tony ” Durkin and Irvine.  Before the game to make Antoinette feel more at home they gave HIM a small gift of a nice navy blue skirt.  The girls had a great game and with 2 ends to play were 4 shots down.   They then picked up a 4 and then a 2 to win 19/17.  That effort just showed the attitude of the team and what a difference from last week.

The A4’s play Benalla at home and had a gutsy win claiming a 14/81 to 4/74 victory.  Best rink again was Ian Morffew winning 27/12.  Bob Evans rink also had a good win 21/16.  Ian Price rink had a tight battle all day but lost the last few ends to go down 16/22.  Marie Whitehead went down 17/24. If anybody is missing his bowls, they were left on the green after the game.  The are now in the bowls office.

B2’s played Mansfield at home and went down 0/48 to 14/70.  In a close tussle and a low scoring game Terry Matthews rink just went down 14/17.  Bill Butterworth also had a close game losing 20/25 and Ross Lloyd went down 14/28.  The scores don’t really indicate how competitive our B2’s are.  Every week they have massive changes but they never complain and go out and do our club proud.

The selectors would like to thank all our club mates for helping us out when our numbers were down.

Midweek Pennant had the A1’s playing away at Corowa RSL and they won 13/68 to 1/42.  Spencer rink trailed most of the day but came home strongly to win 25/16.  Anne Miles rink was always in control and won 26/9.  Garry Sanders was in trouble most of the day but fought back on the last end to get a 3 and a draw 17/17.  They are a point clear on top of the ladder.

The A2’s travelled to the very pretty town of Yackandandah and they won 14/106 to 0/38.  The rink of Ray Brown, Garry Hart, Tony “Antoinette” Durkin and Micky Vaughan had a dominating performance winning 55/8.  The rink of Stuart McNeill, Allan Goudge, Ian Price and Marie Morffew also got something unusual getting an 8 and they won 27/20.  Little Marcia McGrillen rink got the job done again with the star being Bobby Evans who played magnificently all day and they won 24/10.  They are also on top of the ladder.  Next week they travel to Kiewa, always hard to beat there.

In a close game the A3’s played Rutherglen at home and won 12/59 to 2/53.  The best rink was Danny McNeill who won 23/13, Marie Whitehead had a good win 24/20 and Les Balfour lost 12/20. They currently sit 5th on the ladder but only 2 points from 2nd.

The B1’s played Moyhu at home and had a close game going down 2/52 to 12/61.  Marry Essex rink had a great win 29/10.  Ian Morffew got a late call up and just went down 15/20.  John Wenzel lost 8/31.

Due to public demand, the fans want to see RINK OF THE WEEK back and this week’s winners with a massive score of 55/8 are Ray Brown, Garry Hart, Tony Durkin and Mick Vaughan.

On Sunday at Corowa RSL we had the Semi Final of the O&M Ladies State Triples and our girls of Miles, Smith and Sanders played a team from Myrtleford and they won 25/4. This then got them into the afternoon final against the composite team of Leask (Benalla) and YMGCR’s girls of Moore and Middleton.  In a close game all day the YMGCR girls got 2 threes on the last 2 ends to win18/13.

Also at the same time at Corowa Civic our team of Scott Widdison, Ryan Davies and Gary Presnell played the O&M State Men’s Triples. They played the Semi Final against Moira and won which then put them into the final against a Wangaratta team and just went down on the last end (great game boys).

This week on Wednesday we have Miles versus Sanders in the Ladies Club Singles Semi Final.  Game starts at 11 am.  Also we have on Thursday the O&M State Ladies over 60’s Pairs at YMGCR and at Club Mulwala the O&M State Men’s over 60’s Pairs.

On the 16th December we will be having a BBQ.  A list is on the notice board.


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