Weekly Report December 05


Weekend Pennant had the A1’s play Benalla at home and they had a convincing victory winning 18/108 to 0/60.  Best rink this week was Mick Szabo rink winning 33/15.  Jimmy Lefevre rink also had a good win 30/14 with a good contribution from the whole team.  Scott Widdison rink was solid all day and won 25/15.  Les Spencer had the hard battle of the day and won 20/16.  This now puts them 3rd on the ladder just 8 points from top spot.

The A2’s travelled to Corowa Civic who were 2nd on the ladder.  The team played terrific bowls to come home with a well earned win 16/87 to 2/60.  After a shocking start to the season the team is now gelling and playing good bowls.  Laureen Smith rink dominated from the start to finish and was always in control and cruised home winning 26/8.  Ray Brown rink lead all day and won 29/16.  Cat had a tough battle all day, but to their credit came rattling home to win 19/15.  Robert Lidgerwood dropped a 6 on the 1st end and battled all day to go down 13/21. They are also 3rd on the ladder and only 2 points from top.

A4’s played Corowa Civic at home and won 16/95 to 2/65.  The stars of the day was Marie Whitehead rink winning 31/15.  Old Ian Morffew rink just keeps on winning week after week and doing their job and once again they won 21/13.  Pricey rink got the job done winning 24/16.  Bobby Evans had a tight battle all day just going down 19/21.  They are currently 5th on the ladder but only 4 points off top.

B2’s travelled to St James and in a tight game just going down 2/62 to 12/68.  Terry Matthews rink got up in a tough game winning 21/18.  Billy Butterworth rink got a flying start but St James rink pegged them back and we lost 22/26.  New bowler Denise Trubiano filled in for us and performed very well.   Also Marcia McGrillen got a very late call up and her rink just went down 19/24.

Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play Benalla at home and won 14/70 to 0/42.  Best rink was Anne Miles who won 23/10, Spencer rink continues on their winning way to notch up a 26/14 win and Garry Sanders got up after a hard battle winning 21/18.

The A2’s played Kiewa away just coming up short going down 2/49 to 12/54.  The big winner for us was last minute stand in skipper Allan Goudge who won 20/13 and Ray Brown lost 12/20.  Our other rink skippered by Marcia McGrillen had a seesawing game all day and at the 62nd end of the game YMGCR held a 1 shot lead on the score board and was holding 3 good shots in the head, when the Kiewa skip played his last bowl and moved the jack to give them 3 shots and they won 21/17.

A3’s played Corowa RSL at Corowa and won 14/66 to 0/52.  Marie Whitehead had a good win 25/17, Danny McNeill won 21/17 and Les Balfour won 20/18.

B1’s played Wareena Park at home and won 12/70 to 2/49.  Ian Morffew won 34/14, Ross Lloyd won 24/9 and Mary Essex lost 12/26.

On Wednesday we had a Semi Final of our Ladies Club Singles and after a 3 hour battle Anne Miles beat Claire Sanders 25/21.  Anne will now play Laureen Smith in the final.  I am sure this game will be a beauty as these 2 champions have faced off before and there is never much in it.

On Thursday we had our O&M Over 60’s Men and Women Championships.  The women played at YMGCR and with only 9 teams entered (very disappointing for a region of our size), we had Claire Sanders/Laureen Smith and Anne Miles/Sharron Warfe (Benalla) win their respective sections.  They will play off and the winner will progress to the final against a composite team who got the bye.

Over at Club Mulwula the men played and Les Spencer/Garry Presnell won their section and Garry Sanders/Peter McLarty (Wodonga) also made it through.  Spencer will play a team from Rutherglen in the next round while Sanders gets a bye.

On Sunday we had the O&M Pairs Championships.  In the ladies we got Anne Miles/Claire Sanders and Laureen Smith playing with her daughter Rhoanna (Wangaratta) through.  They will play next week at Benalla starting at 9:30.

In the men’s Garry Sanders playing with Wangaratta’s Ian Brimblecombe got through.  Unfortunately we had 2 YMGCR teams clash in one section with Szabo/Vaughan against the Lefevres.  The Lefevres just missing out by 4 shots on going through to the next round.

Wednesday Social bowls had 18 bowlers and the winners with 2 wins and +18 were Robert Lidgerwood, Bill Jenkins and Noel Millar.  Runners up with +12 were Garry Hart, Rob Hummel and Frank Lieberg.  Jackpot went to Les Balfour, Kurt Bleckwehl and Neville Coleman and the lucky number was claimed by Rob Hummel.

And now for the most important award of the week.  “RINK OF THE WEEK ” with a score of 34/14 goes to Ian Morffew, Judy Goudge, Sharron Klodinski and Daryl Davey.



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