Weekly Report January 23


Well what a round of Saturday Pennant, we had the lot from a last bowl heroics to a 5mm measure to win the game.  The A1’s playing at home against our arch rival Wodonga for 2nd on the ladder this was the first time the teams had met this year and every one was eager to see where we stood with the heavy weights.  YMGCR lead for most of the day only to relinquish the lead on the second last end, with Spencer’s rink having to play their last end.  When Les stepped onto the mat with his last bowl things were grim, one down on the big board and Wodonga holding 4 shots with a resting toucher.  The big fellow played the bowl of his life.  With a perfect draw shot he sat the resting toucher and moved the jack back a foot to get 3 shots.  GAME SET and MATCH.  His team mates erupted with excitement and maybe there was a brief thought of chairing him off, but wiser heads prevailed and they settled for a pat on the back.  Final scores were YMGCR 14/74 to 4/72. The stars of the day belong to Scotty Widdison who won 25/12.  On one end the poor Wodonga players didn’t know what happen when Scott played his bowl and he followed it down to the head only to be joined by his lead Gary “Shadow” Presnell right behind him.  Spencers last bowl “shot of the century” also gave his rink a win 19/18, Jimmy Lefevre had a tough battle all day only going down17/20 and Szabo rink went down 13/22.

A2’s travelled to Wodonga who were 2nd on the ladder (we were 4th) and after a tight game all day scores were locked on 69 a piece after the 83rd end.  With 3 ends to play Wodonga led 67/65. Robbie Lidgerwood rink had a tough day and on their last end Kinnane picked up the jack to go from 5 down to 4 up.  Wodonga’s skip then stepped up with his last bowl and drew the shot.  Over on Brown’s rink YMGCR were holding 2 and the Wodonga’s skip played a little runner and split the shot bowls for a single shot.  That left it to Smithy’s rink who dominated all day and needed a 4 for us to draw.  After the front end put us in the game, Laureen played a magnificent bowl to draw another for at least a 4.  This time the Wodonga skip missed and with the 3rds taking shot bowls out 1,2,3,4, they went for a measure for number 5 just failing by 5mms.  But to walk away with a draw at Wodonga was very satisfying.  We don’t get many wins there so this should give the team a lot of self belief.  Laureen Smith rink played beautifully all day and won 30/10, Ray Brown’s rink had a tight game all day and won 17/13, Cat’s rink was well down early but fought their way back for a respectable loss 14/19 and Lidgerwood lost 8/27.

A4’s played Rutherglen at Club Mulwala and won 4/77 to 4/74. Best rink of the day was Bobby Evans who won 26/16 and they got great support from Rob Hummel rink who won 25/16.  In a rare happening Ian Morffew lost 13/20 and Marie Whitehead lost 13/22.  This still keeps them in touch of the 4, sitting 6th.

B2’s played Yarrawonga away and put on a mighty effort to go down 4/59 to 10/68. Terry Matthews rink handled the conditions well and won 23/12.  Lil Borwick playing her first game as skip got a gutsy win 20/19 and Billy Butterworth lost 16/37.

The selectors had a tough battle on Friday to put all the teams on the greens and thanks to Dennis Miles and Edna James for helping us out.

Midweek Pennant had the A1’s travel to Wangaratta in a top of the table battle and YMGCR came out on top winning 14/64 to 0/44.  This now puts them 2 games clear.  With YMGCR having 2 forced changes losing Anne Miles from skip and Mick Szabo from 3rd Stuart McNeill FINALLY had a chance in the top side and he played Wangaratta’s unbeaten skip and came away with a great win 25/17. Spencer got a new 3rd in Ray Irvine, but the star of the rink was Laureen Smith and they won 20/12. Garry Sanders was always in control (even dealing with our newest “Wrong Bias” person in Greg Green) and they won 19/15.

A2’s travelled to Benalla winning 12/72 to 2/57 and this now puts them top of the ladder.  Ray Brown’s rink started slowly but after the 5th end they powered away to win 31/15.  Bob Evans rink had a good win but had a scare when skip Evans was hanging over the fence …not too well.  They won 25 to 21.  Well done Doddy for taking over the skipper’s roll to bring the rink home.  After losing 2 skips in a matter of hours big Al Goudge got the nod and the rink played well just going down 16/21.

A3’s played Benalla at home and put on a mighty showing just going down 2/59 to 12/61.  Marie Whitehead rink had a great game winning 24/12.  Danny McNeill was in a tight game all day going down 17/21 and Les Balfour lost 18/28.  They are now 5th on the ladder.

B1’s played Yarra at home and lost 2/45 to 12/69.  Judy Goudge stepped up to skip and she won 20/19, Marry Essex lost 11/23 and Ross Lloyd lost 14/27.

Wednesday night saw the final of the YMGCR Men’s Singles between 2 time winner in Andy Lefevre and new boy Ken Widdison who has won many club championships over his long career.  With both players playing outstanding bowls Ken got out to a 10/3 lead, but Lefevre just keep putting good bowls in the head and clawed his way back to go to a 17/16 lead.  Andy then picked up a 4 and he went on to win 25/17.  It was a great game of bowls and the quality was up to a championship final.

Wednesday Social bowls had 12 players and the winners were Col Withers and Bill Butterworth and the runners up were Garry Hart and Peter Lidgerwood.  Jackpot failed to go off.

On Sunday at Club Mulwala we had the O&M Men’s and Ladies Singles Semis and Finals.  Claire Sanders got put out in the semi.  Husband Garry made it to the final.  In a tight battle when he was a couple of shots down, he played a brilliant bowl only to have his bowl just drop into the ditch and dropped a 4.  Well done Garry he always does his club proud by producing the goods in the big games.

Next Friday will see the final of the YMGCR Ladies Singles played between two top guns in Anne Miles and Laureen Smith.  Game starts at 10am.

This week, the winners of “RINK OF THE WEEK” are Laureen Smith, Sue Middleton, Tony Durkin and Rhonda Irvine.

The club had a bad week because we lost 3 members.  Alan “Rowdy” Hayes was a very quiet guy but boy was he a very good bowler and a great guy.  Also we lost a past President in John Banger and another old member in Mal Hastie.   The YMGCR Bowls Club President and Committee and members would like to send our condolences to all the families.


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