Weekly Report February 06


Weekend Pennant had the A1’s play Yarrawonga under lights on Friday night and in beautiful conditions and in front of a good crowd, YMGCR prevailed to win 18/120 to 0/57.  With new skip ”Disco” Ryan’s rink starting out on fire picking up 14 shots in 3 ends, the rink all played well and the big skip showed a lot of class by playing several big shots.  This should give him confidence going forward.  They won 35/19.  Jimmy Lefevre got back on the winners list with a good all round team effort winning 33/10.  Mick Szabo’s rink was always in control (there was only one little mishap, Snodger has joined the “Wrong Bias” club) winning 26/12.  Scotty Widdison rink had a tough battle but won 26/16.  Scotty put on a clinic doing it all with magnificent draw shots and powerful drives and the enthusiasm he generates lifts all his team mates.  We sit 2nd on the ladder.

Unfortunately, the A2’s were to play Benalla at home but at 9.00 am we got the dreaded call that Benalla couldn’t field a team due to Covid.  We got 18 points and 10 shots and are now in second place on the ladder.

The A4’s travelled to Benalla in a crucial match – lose and their final chances were in trouble (Benalla were in the four), but the mighty A4’s produced the goods to record a great win with a 16/84 to 2/66 victory.  Bobby Evan’s rink got the job done this week winning 26/12, Garry Hart coming out of weekend pennant exile has added good leadership to his rink and they won 20/15.  Doddy’s new look rink just keeps on winning and after the 20th end the scores were level and they picked up a 2 to get up 20/18.  Marie Whitehead rink was always in the battle and after the 20th end were also level but they dropped a 3 to lose 18/21.  This now puts them 5th and only 8 points from the fourth.

The B2’s had the long trip to Mansfield and after a mighty effort just going down 4/62 to 10/67. Terry Matthew rink were dominant all day and recorded a fantastic win 27/19, Billy Butterworth had a battle royale and got the 2 points winning 21/20, but Pam Dodman went down 14/28.  The spirit that this side displays is unbelievable and a win is just around the corner.

Don’t forget that if your rink is having a bad day (and we have all had them), keep your head up and keep persisting because every score counts and the big board is the most important.

Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play Corowa RSL at home and they won 14/74 to 0/47.  With all 3 rinks getting off to a slow start, they all powered home to record comfortable victories.  Anne Miles won 27/16, Garry Sanders won 24/13 and Stuart McNeill won 23/18.

A2’s played bottom side Yackandandah at home and had to battle hard, but came away with a 12/78 to 2/50 win.  Micky Vaughan’s rink dominated from the 1st bowl (Siggi Rempel playing almost a perfect game from a leader was on song from his first bowl) and they had a huge win 46/5.  Brown’s rink was all out of sorts and was down 1/13, but they persisted to come back and win 23/19. Goudgey went down 9/26.  Still 2nd on ladder.

A3’s had the trip to Rutherglen and lost 2/53 to 12/85.  The only joy was from Les Balfour’s rink who had a mighty win 28/11.  Whitehead lost 14/35 and McNeill lost 11/39.  If they can get a few more wins they can still make the finals as they are only 10 points out of the 4.

The B1’s went to Moyhu and found the carpet green very tricky and they lost 2/39 to 12/71.  The highlight for the day was a win from Judy Goudge rink winning 17/16.  Lloydy just went down 14/15 and Mary Essex lost 8/40.

Due to Benalla pulling out of Saturday bowls “RINK OF THE WEEK” cannot be given because it would be unfair to the A2 players who couldn’t participate in this highly fancied award (sorry Vaughan’s rink, but rules are rules).

Good news in that Garry Sanders and Wodonga’s Peter McLardy teamed up to win the O&M Over 60’s Men’s Pairs.  They played a team from Myrtleford and after 5 ends lead 12/0 but things then went amiss and they lost the next 8 ends and the scores were level, but they steadied and got a 3 to win 15/12.


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