Weekly Report March 06


Weekend Pennant had the A1’s play Friday night against Corowa RSL under our fantastic lights and YMGCR won 16/75 to 2/60.  The weather was perfect and the bowls was of a high standard.  Jimmy Lefevre who was at the Wangaratta hospital on Thursday night not feeling the best showed a lot of courage to not only turning up but to play and on top of that….he played very well with some telling drives.  He got great support from his team mates, Jonesy and Sanders who looked after the head while young James rested.  Robyn Moore playing her first game of weekend pennant ever and being thrown into the DEEP end (playing in the A1’s), did a fantastic job and the selectors would like to thank her for filling in as our A2’s and A4’s are still in the finals race.  Jim won 20/12.  Stuart McNeill stepped up as fill in skipper and bowled very well and his rink won 21/14.  Scott Widdison’s rink played well but was not getting the rewards they deserved.  It took them to the 20th end to break the game open with a 5 to win 20/13.  Mick Szabo’s rink held many shots throughout the night but the young Corowa skip played out of his skin and on the 19th end YMGCR held 4 shots and the opposition skip had a gap of a bowl and a half to get through.  He did and trailed the jack for a 7.  They won 14/21.  We sit 2nd on the ladder and will play Wangaratta next week.

The A2’s had the away trip to Yackandandah.  With rain pouring and the green under water, things were not looking too good and the game had to be played.  At one point a Yack member had a towel and was mopping up the water…very keen!  After a couple of hours delay and with a full stomach of sandwiches and sauce rolls (Tony Durkin ate so much he couldn’t move for an hour) eventually about 3.15 we hit the green and won 16/84 to 2/61.  Laureen Smith’s rink won 28/12 and poor old Durkin had trouble bending over with his now bigger than ever stomach.  Robbie Hummel continued on his winning way with the whole team playing their part winning 25/13.  Brown’s rink returned to the winners list winning 23/12 and Cat lost 8/24.  The win puts us 3rd only ONE point from 2nd, so next week we play Myrtleford in a cut throat final.

The A4’s who were 5th played 4th place Corowa RSL at home.  They had to win 3 rinks to make the four, but they couldn’t get the job done losing 2/66 to 16/88.  Marie Whitehead finished on a high winning 20/18.  Doddy lost 16/20, Pricey lost 13/22 and Bob Evans went down 17/28.  Well done the A4’s for a fantastic year.  They got some big scalps along the way and were always around the four.

B2’s played Corowa RSL at Corowa and lost 2/49 to 12/57.  Best rink was Terry Matthews rink who won 20/14, Noel Millar lost 19/24 and Billy Butterworth lost 10/19.  Thanks for all our players who helped us out in the B2’s.  The selectors never had one complaint from the side and boy they do it hard because they rarely have the same side from week to week.  Great job!!!

Midweek Pennant saw the A1’s play arch rival Wodonga at Wodonga and they won 12/67 to 2/51. Stuart McNeill has his rink firing at the right time of the year and they won 29/18.  Garry Sanders also got the job done winning 21/14 and Anne Miles lost 17/19 in a close game.  Next week they play 2nd side Wangaratta at home in what could be the preview of the Grand Final……a lot to play for.

A2’s travelled to Moira and lost 2/50 to 12/62.  It was a costly loss as we have dropped from 2nd to 4th.  The only bright spot of the day was the form of Bob Evans ‘s rink who won 18/14.  Goudge lost 18/24 and Brown lost 14/24.  We can’t go out of the 4 but….we must get back on the winners list and get some momentum back as we are 4 points from 2nd.  We need a miracle to get 2nd spot; 2nd and 3rd play each other; we need them to draw.

A3’s played Wangaratta at home and lost 1/52 to 13/60.  Rob Hummel drew 18/18, Les Balfour had a close battle going down 18/19, Danny McNeill lost 16/23.  Finals is a very faint chance and all the stars have to line up plus more.

B1’s played Swanpool at home and lost 2/44 to 12/66.  Winning rink was Judy Goudge who won 18/15, Mary Essex lost 14/21 and Ross Lloyd lost 12/30.

On Sunday in the O&M Mixed pairs saw a few YMGCR players in action.  Mick Szabo and Lyn Baxter played the Wangaratta husband and wife team the Fruends and the Wang team won.  The Fruends then went on to play YMCGR pair in Spencer and Smith.  The YMGCR team won and now will play Anne Miles and Wangaratta’s Ian Brimblecombe in the final at Corowa Civic next Sunday.

Hot off the press ……Weekend A1’s will play Wangaratta at Rutherglen.  A2’s will play Myrtleford at Corowa Civic.

This week “RINK OF THE WEEK” and last for the season goes to Laureen Smith, Sue Middleton, Tony “Porky” Durkin and Rhonda Irvine with a +16.

BBQ is on Thursday 10th for ALL Pennant players.  Be there and support the teams who made finals. BBQ starts at 5pm.

The old boy was at it again this week … yes G. Presnell after finding his watch on his wrist, now he has left his wallet on the table at the golf club.  To all our members please go out of our way to help this poor old forgetful boy…he needs help.




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