Weekly Report April 10


Well now that pennant season is finished it feels that we now go into hibernation.  Bowlers will now head off in all directions for the winter but a few will remain and will get behind our social bowls. Wednesday social bowls had 28 players.  We had two 2 game winners and with a score of +13 Snodger Lowrie and A Fahy just got over the line because Bill Butterworth and “Shagga” Baxter had a +12.  Bill must of had a blinder because Shagga hasn’t put down too many good bowls all year (if he concentrated more on bowls than cutting up wood for his fire…..the boy has got some raw talent).

Friday bowls was washed out but don’t forget you can get a game on Good Friday.  Ring Marie Morffew or Vicki Withers.

Over the weekend we had the “Golden Child” Mick Vaughan and Stuart McNeill who both have had a great start to their YMGCR careers by getting the A1 flag but also represent the O&M Region side and both had great weekends with the side winning the same amount as the winners but having a worse percentage to finish a fantastic second in their section.  Our third member of the squad was Garry Sanders who has been a long time O&M representative.  Garry had an outstanding series putting his team in a strong position.  This was a great result for the O&M men’s team.

Our women O&M side who were the defending champions couldn’t get going.  Anne Miles rink of Sharon Warfe, Laureen Smith and Claire Sanders had a good series but had to battle hard for results. Sue Middleton was in Kylie Whitehead rink and they also had the same problem.


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