Weekly Report May 01


Even though bowls season is over a lot of things happened this week.  A few of our ladies on match committee decided to give the bowls office a clean up.  In doing so they discovered in a cupboard 3 premiership flags.  One was a Division 1 flag and so we dug deeper to find that YMGCR had won in 1973/74 and in 74/75.  So in actual fact this year’s premiership was our third.

In great news the O&M ladies 4’s have won the Australian Championship on the Gold Coast at Broadbeach.  Well done to Anne Miles, Laureen Smith and Claire Sanders and their partner in crime Kylie Whitehead (Wodonga).  They were the only side who went through undefeated…..great job and to make it more confusing this was for last year’s title (called off due to Covid).  After winning the final the girls celebrated long into the night.  It was a busy few days for these jet setters.  They flew up on Wednesday, played all day Thursday (till 10 pm), then Anne, Laureen and Claire flew to Melbourne on Friday so they could defend the same title in Bendigo that they had just become Australian Champs.  In the meantime, Kylie Whitehead was jetting off to Scotland where she is representing Australia in the Commonwealth Games.  With Kylie going in the opposite direction to the girls, they called upon Judy Bartel from Kiewa for their fill in and we will put it down to jet lag because the girls went down in the first game by one lousy shot.  The team that beat them then went on to win the Championship.

On Thursday afternoon the Final of the Men’s Pairs took place between the Lefevre duo and Garry Sanders and “King” William Jenkins and for most of the game Sanders/Jenkins were in control and lead by 5 with two ends to go.  They dropped a 2 on the 17th end but still were in a good position until young James played a great bowl to trail the jack back and picked up a 3 to tie the game up and go into an extra end.  Andy and Jimmy got over the line in a great game.  Well done to all four bowlers as the conditions would have been tough, playing under the lights and the temperature dropping with the game finishing about 7.45pm.

Friday Social bowls had 32 players and the winners were Billy Butterworth and Tony Durkin.  Runners up were Gav and Lil Borwick and third went to Snodger and Jodie Powell.

Garry Hart is in hospital in Albury after he had an operation.  All went well and he is on a speedy road to recovery.  Give him a call because it can get boring with only his wife to talk to (only joking Jill).  I’m sure Garry would love to talk to anyone about his mighty Hawks.

Don’t forget the AGM will be held on the 29th May at 10am.  This will be followed by our club presentations at 12pm.  There is a list for people who would like to attend and please indicate if you can bring either a salad or sweet.

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