Weekly Report May 29


Sunday we had our AGM and Presentation of awards.  At our AGM we had a fantastic attendance and the existing committee was once again given the responsibility of guiding our club for another twelve months.  The committee will be : President – Greg Fisher, Vice President – Gary Presnell, Secretary – Andrew Lefevre, Treasurer – Ross Lloyd, CCO Assistant Sec – Ray Brown, Greens Director – Ray Irvine, Ladies Match – Marie Morffew, Men’s Match – Danny McNeill and General Committee – Lorraine Stone.  If anybody has a thought on a new nickname for our club, eg. Border Lions, Border Bears…… please give a committee member a call so we can start to have discussions on the best fit for our club.  The Midweek Selectors will be Lorraine Stone, Laureen Smith, Rhonda Irvine, Liliana Borwick and Ian Morffew.  Weekend Selectors will be Ray Brown, Les Spencer, Ian Morffew and Wayne Lowrie.

We had our presentation down in the Lagoon Area and what started out to be a bit fresh, ended up to be a fantastic afternoon with plenty of food and drinks.  Everybody had a great time.  Thanks to Normie Prior (Willie Nelson) for his great music, also a special thanks to Ian & Marie Morffew, Norm, Barb, Denise, Col and Vicki for all the hard work they put into the day.

Congratulations to Laureen Smith who had an outstanding year winning the Ladies Singles, Mixed Pairs (with Greg Green) and runners up in the Ladies Pairs (with Rhonda Irvine) and to Andy Lefevre who won the Men’s Singles.  Runner up was Ken Widdison.  Andy also won the Men’s Pairs with Jimmy Lefevre.  Runners up were Garry Sanders and Bill Jenkins.  Anne Miles and Claire Sanders won the Ladies Pairs.  Well done to our three AUSTRALIAN champs in Laureen, Anne and Claire for winning the Ladies State Fours (with a little help from their friend Kylie Whitehead).  This would be the club’s first National Championship.

Wednesday Social bowls had 24 players and we had two 2 game winners.  Getting the chocolates were Don Tipping and a visitor from Mt Martha, Keith Dungey with a +23.  Runners up with a +5 were P Connolly and Gavin Borwick.  Things got worse when the jackpot was pulled out …..+23 !!!! Mr Tipping had the biggest grin on his little face as he collected his bigger payout.

Friday Social bowls had 32 players and the winners were …you have to be kidding me DON TIPPING (thank heavens he is heading north for the winter.  The prize money he won last week should pay for his petrol and he is towing a caravan) and Noel Millar.  Runners up were Marie and Ian Morffew and the consolation went to the Withers family….Vicki and Col.


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