Weekly Report November 13


Midweek Pennant had the A1’s play Myrtleford at home and with the green running about 16 seconds, YMGCR  had a comfortable win getting across the line winning 14/93 to 0/30.  (Myrtleford had trouble adjusting to the quicker green).  Good to see Anne Miles rink get back on the winners list with a comprehensive victory winning 38/11.  With a strong start they jumped out to a 9/0 lead after 3 ends, but the Myrtleford rink bounced back in the next 3 ends to trail by only 1 shot.  Then the onslaught began when they went on a 9 end winning streak to lead 29/8 and ran out winners with just losing 2 ends out of the last 16.  Julian Jones rink was in a tight game and after 7 ends lead 7/4, but they then won the next 6 ends to put the game out of reach and cruised home winning 31/9. Laureen Smith’s rink had the tight battle and after 10 ends lead 9/7, but the lead (Brownie) then worked out the speed and then began to dominate and with Garry Sanders also lifting they won 24/10.  Smithy played one of the best games from a skip in a very long time with beautiful weight control (all day) and was always in the area with her line.

The A2’s travelled to St James who are very tough to beat at home anytime and so it proved when we lost 2/59 to 12/64.  Allan Goudge’s rink starred on the day winning 28/12.  With a victory like that you would think they had control of the game all day…..wrong after 15 ends they lead 11/10. On the 16th end they got a 4.  They then backed up with another 4 and 2 ends later they put the icing on the cake with a 7 and all I can say is THAT’S ALL FOLKS.  Danny McNeill’s rink got the worst possible start when they trailed 0/11 after 6 ends, but they fought their way back into the game and trailed 13/14 after 14 ends.  St James then came back and won 15/22.  Doddy’s rink was knee deep in the game and after 13 ends trailed 13/14.  They then lost their momentum and lost 16/30.

The A3’s had a great day with a lovely scenic drive to Dederang, but that was the only good part of the day as they lost 2/56 to 12/73.  Ian Morffew’s rink got the job done again winning 29/14.  They have made some subtle changes with Ian Febey now playing third and moving “Dougie Boy” McTier back to lead.  The scores were tight until the 14th end with YMGCR leading 14/12, but they then won 5 of the next 7 ends to win going away.  Ron Lamson rink was well in the game and lead 11/10 after 13 ends, but they then lost the last 8 ends to lose 11/25.  Les Balfour was in the same predicament as Ron and was leading 15/14 after 13 ends, but they then lost 7 ends out of the last 8 and lost 16/34.  It seems to be a common factor and I am sure the selectors will have a look at what can be done to sort this problem out.

A1’s travelled to Rutherglen but unfortunately with heavy rain the game got washout.  They still remain on top of the ladder.

Twenty kilometres down the road the A2’s arrived in Chiltern with the rain clouds threatening and right on cue the heavens opened up just after the roll up.  With a few wet patches on a couple of the rinks play was delayed for 40 minutes before the game began.  After a very fast start from 3 of our rinks, Chiltern then got on top over the last 10 ends and YMGCR lost 4/71 to14/86.  Rob Hummel’s rink got out to a 14 to 4 lead after 11 ends with Col Withers and Shirley Hummel doing a lot of damage but the experienced opposition skip didn’t panic and they went down 20/16.  With Stewie McNeill getting his first chance at skipping they got out to a 10/3 lead after 7 ends.  They had control of the game all day and only a 4 on the last end spoiled their day.  Stewie demonstrated what a quality bowler he is with several fantastic shots……a real asset to the A2’s.  Allan Goudge’s rink jumped out of the blocks full of running and raced to 11/0 after 5 ends.  Then the Chiltern rink got a much needed 6 but our rink bounced back to win the next 4 ends to restore their lead.  However, the s..t hit the fan and they lost the next 6 ends and lost 20/26.  It was good to see Vic Brincat go from skip to third and play a top game and give Goudgie good support.  Ray Brown’s rink never gave a whimper and they were thrashed 14/30.  The only bright spot of the day was when Chiltern was holding a very good eight and with YMGCR skip having his last bowl in his very shaky and sweaty hand….cut it back to 3 (not a good position to be in).

The A4’s played Wodonga at home and at about 11 o’clock the skies opened up and the green was flooded with water going over the TOP of the green nearly reaching out to the seats near the path, but that didn’t stop the game from starting on time and the green still ran at a very respectable 14 seconds. YMGCR then went on to dominate all day winning 1/105 to 0/62.  Ian Morffew’s rink led by Marie Morffew, Vicki Withers and Mary Essex had an exceptional day with the rink only losing 6 ends for the day and they picked up plenty of numbers winning 29/7.  Doddy’s rink was in a battle all day.  After 17 ends they trailed 13/14, but like the week before they climbed over the opposition to then pick up 11 shots in the last 3 ends and won 24/17.  This now puts this combination top of the players ladder in the A4’s.  Well done to Lilian Borwick, Ian Price and Sue Evans.  Bobby Evans rink were steady all day and when they picked up a 5 and a 6 they cruised to victory with an even contribution from Pam Dodman, Ross Lloyd and Barb Tennyson. They won 26/19.  Neil Loveridge’s rink started slowly to be 4/10 down after 7 ends but then peeled the next 5 ends to take a nice lead 15/10, but the Wodonga rink came back and took a handy lead with 4 ends to go.  “Grumpy” got his rink going again and they won the last 4 ends to win 26/19.  This now puts them 2nd on the ladder.

In a close contest the B2’s travelled all the way to Club Mulwala and lost 1/50 to 13/59.  Best rink of the day was Neville Coleman’s with good efforts from late call up lead Denise Trubiano, Chris Horne and Lyn Baxter.

They trailed early and were in trouble being 5/12 at the half way point, but they just kept plugging away and won 8 of the last 11 ends and came away with a gutsy draw 15/15.  New Skip Gavin Borwick’s rink had another solid game and went down 19/21 and with a couple of wise heads in front of him (Noel Millar and Dougie McTier) he should learn and improve even more.  Terry Baxter having his first game as skip did an admirable job and well done to another new bowler in Georgie Andreasen playing 3rd for the first time and good efforts from Carolyn Boston and lead Jill Lamson.   They just went down 16/23.  Overall, it was a great effort as Club Mulwala sits on top of the ladder.

There were some very good wins….but “RINK OF THE WEEK” goes to Anne Miles, Claire Sanders, Rob Hummel and Rhonda Irvine.

On Sunday we had the Final of the O&M Ladies State Triples with Anne Miles, Laureen Smith and Claire Sanders playing a team from Wangaratta and they lost, but well done for flying the YMGCR flag.  It was a bitter sweet moment for Laureen as her daughter Rhoanna was in the winning rink.

Also, on Sunday we had Scott and Ken Widdison and Ryan Davies in the O&M Men’s State Triples but they were put out in the semi final… well done boys.

Wednesday Social Bowls had 12 players and the winners with 2 wins and +15 were Ian Febey and Billy Jenkins.  Runners up with a win and a loss and +8 were Rob Lidgerwood and Doug McTier. Jackpot was won by Terry Baxter and Frank Lieberg and the lucky number went to Bill Jenkins.



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