Weekly Report November 27


Weekend pennant had the A1’s play Kiewa at home and after an even first half, YMGCR took control and won 16/104 to 2/66.  The big winners were the rink of Scott Widdison who won 39/14.  Scott had an arm chair ride with Laureen Smith putting on one of the best displays of leading.  She was well supported by “Sugar” Ray Irvine who debuted his new bowls and the “Golden Child” Micky Vaughan who played his best game of the year.  (Scott must have thought that all his birthdays had come at once).  They got off to a good start and after 6 ends led 12/3.  The Kiewa rink came back strong and won the next 2 ends getting a 6 and a 3 to level the game up, but YMGCR then went on a scoring frenzy winning 11 of the next 13 ends.  Rod Jones rink was in a battle from the first end and after 12 ends the scores were level at 10 all.  YMCGR always had bowls in the head and it took the Kiewa skip to play wonderful shots to keep his side in the game, but he could only do it for so long and the locals came away over the last 6 ends and won 22/14.  Jim Lefevre rink got off to a slow start and trailed 0/5 after 3 ends.  They then chipped away and got out to a handy lead 14/9 after 11 ends.  They were never headed again and when they won the last 4 ends they ended up winning 22/15.  “Disco” Davies rink got off to a flyer and led 7/0 after 2 ends.  Then Kiewa came back strong to win the next 5 ends to take the lead.  YMGCR then got back on top and won the next 5 ends to take a commanding lead of 18/10 after 13 ends.  Then it was Kiewa’s turn to apply the pressure and with their skip playing some big drives they then came away winning 23/21.  This keeps YMGCR on top of the ladder.

On Friday night the A2’s played their very first game under lights against a strong side in the newly demoted Corowa RSL at Corowa and came away with a fantastic victory winning 16/71 to 2/68.  Allan Goudge’s rink won 11 ends in a row to lead 15/3 after 13 ends.  All good except for a minor hiccup when they dropped a 5 on the last end to tighten the game up on the big score board.  With a solid performance from his front end all night, big “Al ” put the icing on the game when he played one great bowl after another and they won 21/14.  Stewie McNeill’s rink trailed most of the night and was down 8/14 after 13 ends but after that they then went on and won 7 of the last 8 to win 20/16.  Les Wilson played his first game and held his own and put some telling bowls in the end when the side needed him.  On their last end with the overall score getting close and being 3 or 4 down…..Stewie drew the shot to give Rob Hummel’s rink a buffer of 5 with one to play.  Brown’s rink never got into the game and was always behind the eight ball, but they hung tuff and held the damage enough that their mates could cover them.  They lost 12/22.  Robbie Hummel’s rink had a great contest against RSL’s top skipper and took the lead after the third end and never surrendered it with Normie Windebank leading and giving the rink a great start and both Kerry Kinnane playing his first game of the year and Shirley Hummel all playing well and also Rob playing big bowls when required.  Coming to the last end with YMGCR being 5 up (it was tense just watching) the game looked safe, but RSL had other ideas and when Rob got on the mat for the first time, he was 3 down with a fourth not far away.  He dropped it just short and then the RSL skipper drew another and Rob was under the pump.  He stepped up and drew a close fourth and the game was ours.  This was a very important win for the team and should give us confidence for the rest of the season and puts us second on the ladder.  Also, thanks to the supporters who came and gave us support, (the team really appreciated it).

In a top of the table contest first verses second in the A4’s ,YMGCR took on Swanpool at home and with the game going down to the wire, YMGCR won 14/83 to 4/77.  Ian Morffew jumped out to a great start picking up a 5 and after 5 ends led 10/2.  They then won 5 ends in a row putting them out to a 19/6 lead and they cruised home winning 26/11.  Neil Loveridge made his maiden debut as skip in the A4’s and looked in total control leading 15/1 after 6 ends, but with the Swanpool skip flying through the head taking bowls out everywhere they got back in the game, but Neil’s rink held strong and won 30/21.  (Thanks Robyn for helping us out).  Doddy’s rink was never in the game and after being 4/15 down after 15 ends looked down and out, but to their credit, Sue Evans, Les Balfour, Liliana Borwick and Doddy all played some telling bowls in the last 6 ends and got back into the contest and went down 11/16.  These last 5 ends won the game for the A4’s……this is a very good lesson, remember even  though they lost, they were instrumental in the overall outcome and that EVERY bowl counts.  Bob Evans rink got a great start and led 11/1 after 6 ends, but it doesn’t take much to lose momentum and they went down 16/29.  The victory now puts them on top of the ladder.

The B2’s travelled to Tungamah and narrowly lost 4/56 to 10/61.  Gavin Borwick’s rink continued on their winning way.  They had to battle early and trailed 6/8 after 9 ends. They then got the upper hand getting a 5 and a 6 and went on and  won 25/16.  Neville Coleman’s rink slowly pulled away and led 10/3 after 10 ends.  Getting a couple of 3’s took them out to a comfortable lead but they stumbled and dropped 4 ends in a row but still banked 2 points and won 19/15.  Terry Matthews rink had a bad day and lost 12/30.

This week the winners of “RINK OF THE WEEK” goes to Scott Widdison, “Golden Child” Vaughan, Ray Irvine and Laureen Smith.

Wednesday social bowls had a field of 20 players and the winners were Garry Hart and George Andreasen (who is really playing very good bowls and will have a good future).  They had 2 wins and an unbelievable score of +35.  Runners up with 2 wins and only +12 were Tony Durkin and a visitor Jim Parry.  Jackpot failed to go off and the lucky number went to Georgie Andreasen.

In the Victorian Championship our own Anne Miles made it to the last 4 in the Ladies Singles……she is like the “Eveready Rabbit” just keeps on producing in the big events.

On Sunday Anne Miles and Claire Sanders made it to the last 4 in the O&M Ladies State Pairs.


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