Weekly Report July 09


Wednesday Social Bowls.

16 bowlers participated in Wednesday Social on the 5th of July. Les Wilson (S) and Norm Windebank (L) strolled into first place with two wins and plus 18 shots. Their opponents, on rink 4, in the first game were Albert Dodman (S) and Kurt Bleckwehl (L). In the second game, played next door, on rink 5, Doddy and Kurts opponents were Greg Green (S) and Barb Tennyson (L). Runners up on the day were Pam Dodman (S) and Ian Febey, with two solid wins and plus 10 shots. In their first game on rink 5 they played Tony Durkin (S) and Paul Ives (L). In their second, played on rink 6, they came up against Albert Dodman (S) and Kurt Bleckwehl.


Friday Social Bowls.

Weather wise it was a liquorice allsorts kind of day, intermittent sunshine mixed with the odd drop of scotch mist, that greeted the 28 participating bowlers on Friday the 7th of July. Considering the indifferent weather we have been experiencing lately the west green ran exceptionally well. In first place were Ian Febey and Les Wilson. Runners up were Ron and Jill Lampson. The losers consolation prize went to the combo of Ian Morffew and Bob Brokenshaw. Drink card winners were Gavin Borwick and Bill Butterworth. Till next week good bowling.

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