Weekly Report September 03


Wednesday Social Bowls Report.

24 Bowlers played on the free running west green on Wednesday the 30th of August. Ideal late winter weather greeted the players for what would be the last Wednesday Social game played this winter. The format was 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 ‘walk and talk’ pairs. The conditions were conducive to high scoring and the winners certainly rose to the fly. In first place were the combination of Neville Coleman (S) and Sue Evans (L). Neville and Sue torched the green, and the opposition, winning both games with plus 23 shots. In second place were the team of Ian Price (S) and Doug McTier (L) Ian and Doug won both games with plus 16 shots. Running Ian and Doug very closely into third place were the side of Vic Brincat (S) and Robyn Forge. Vic and Robyn won both games with plus 15 shots. In fourth spot were the pairing of Albert Dodman (S) Don Tipping (L) with two wins and plus 10 shots. In fifth place were Pam Dodman (S) and Bob Fiddes (L) with two wins and plus 9 shots. The Rolling Jackpot was shared by two visitors, Bruce Irvine and Barb Burkett. The Lucky Number winners were Ray Brown and Pam Dodman. A big thank you to all bowlers who supported Wednesday Social over the winter months. Spring is upon us and the good news is that Wednesday Social Bowls will continue into the warmer weather. Put your names down on the Wednesday Social Bowls Sheets and enjoy the spring weather and great company.


Friday Social Bowls Report.

An extremely strong field of 58 bowlers enjoyed the first day of spring, and the terrific weather and green conditions on Friday the 1st of September. Players filled both the west and east greens. And it has to be said that both greens were in superb condition. The winners were the team of Sue Evans and Noel Millar. This is the second big win for Sue this week after winning on Wednesday, well done Sue. Runners up were Ian, ‘Skeeter’ Keat and Shane Maddox. The first consolation prize went to the combo of Lil and Gavin Borwick. Drink cards were won by Allan Goudge and Neil Loveridge. As with Wednesday Social Bowls a big thank you has to go to all the players who made Friday Social a roaring success over the winter months. The Friday action will continue into spring so, remember to get your names down nice and early on the Friday Social Bowls Sheets at the Bowls Office.


Joy Johnson Ladies Triples Tournament.

Put together wonderful weather and greens, 84 of the best lady bowlers going around, and it’s a recipe for good times and great bowling for this year’s Joy Johnson Tournament. The weekend action kicked off on Friday afternoon with most of the ladies having a pre-tournament eve roll up, taking advantage of the extremely even and free running greens. A meet and greet was held for the players on the Friday evening in the theatre lounge. Saturday morning saw the pre – game action move to the Willow Room where the players and YMGCR members caught up and renewed old friendships and got to know new faces. There were presentation packs for the players and Shepparton Bowls Shop were present with a pop-up shop, this proved to be a popular addition to the tournament. From there the tournament got underway at 10. 00 am. There was great bowling across both greens on Saturday and Saturday’s best rink went to the V. Hudson team with 7 points and 27 shots. The action continued on Sunday where the best team with 9 points and 21 shots were the K.Evans team. As with Saturday the conditions were perfect and the bowling of a high standard. At the end of the tournament the placings were: in 6th place the side led by K.Wastell with 13 points. In 5th place was the side led by N.Wendt with 14 points. 4th place was filled by S. Howes and her side with 18 points. 3rd place went to the combination led by M. Tregardh with 20 points. The runners up prize went to S. Neville’s side with 15 points and 20 shots. The winners were the team led wonderfully by A. Flapper with 15 points and 66 shots.

Great tournaments like this one don’t happen by accident they involve a lot of preplanning and hard work. Some of the volunteers who made the tournament a runaway success were Anne Miles, Shirley Hummel, Ray Brown, Ray Irvine, Gary Presnell and Rob Hummel to name but a few. Thank you to our hard working and dedicated band of volunteers.

A special vote of thanks goes to YMGCR’s greenkeeper Warwick Henderson. YMGCR are fortunate to play on what must be close to the best greens to be found along the Murray River, Northern Victoria and the Southern Riverina. Thank you for all that you do to produce great greens Warwick, your work is appreciated.

A debt of gratitude and sincere thanks has to go to our wonderful Tournament Sponsors who were: CropSmart, Milestone Chemicals and Lekeal Homes. Thank you for your invaluable sponsorship and we look forward to continuing the relationship next year. Until next week good bowling.

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